X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Xbox Cheats

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All comics:
Press Right, Left(2), Right, Up(2), Right, Start at the review menu.

Alternate costumes:
Complete Act 1 to unlock the Snow Iceman, Brown And Gold Wolverine, Original Cyclops, 70's Cyclops, Original Jean, 70's Jean, 70's Nightcrawler, 70's Colossus, and 70's Storm costumes.
Complete Act 2 to unlock the Age Of Apocalypse and Original Scarlet Witch costumes.

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the hard difficulty setting (enemies at level 50). You can also start a new game with your previous characters at their current experience level.

Game cinematics:
Press Left, Right(2), Left, Down(2), Left, Start at the review menu.

Get Deadpool:
Beat the game.

Get Professor X:
Finish all of the Danger Room missions.

Get Iron Man:
Get 4 homing beacons. Each time you get a piece of Iron Man's armor. By Act 5, once you've found all the beacons, go get Iron Man.

Cheat: God Mode
Pause the game and enter DOWN + UP + DOWN + UP + RIGHT + DOWN + RIGHT + LEFT + and START.

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