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(TCopy CD-R discs:T):
Insert a CD-R disc while in the Music Mixer and go to "Music Player". Select the "Record" button on the bottom bar, and do the same thing as with a normal CD.

Remote control:
You can use an Xbox remote control with this disc.
Display": Clears screen, or brings back last screen.
(Play): Pause the playing song and restart it.
(Reverse) and (forward): Speed up the playing song.
(Skip -]: Move shaded area up to last song.
(Skip +]: Move shaded area down to next song.
(After you move shaded area, press [Select] and the song will play.)
(Stop): Stops everything.
(Pause): Pauses song. Press it again to resume.
(Info): Same function as (Back) on a controller.
(Back): Go back to the Xbox Music Mixer menu.

Note: At very bottom of screen are a lot of icons. At any given time you can highlight one of these to eject the tray, play the selected song or change CDs or genre. The numbers on the remote have no function. The [Select] and Directional buttons work the same as with any remote.

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