Yie Ar Kung Fu Xbox 360 Cheats

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Beat Star (10):
Beat Star in one-on-one combat.

Historically Sound (10):
Beat the Hot Fighting History stage.

The Edge (20):
Beat 3 or more enemies when you have a single health remaining.

Beat Fan (10):
Beat Fan in one-on-one combat.

Beat Tonfun (20):
Beat Tonfun in one-on-one combat.

Beat Blues (20):
Beat Blues in one-on-one combat.

Pinnacle Score (25):
Get 200,000 points.

Perfect (10):
Beat any enemy without being wounded once.

Invulnerable (25):
Beat all foes without losing any lives.

Accurate Hits (10):
Kill 15 of Star's stars in one bout by hitting them in the air.

Fury Fists (20):
Land at least once with every type of punch during a single bout.

Fury Feet (20):
Land at least once with every type of kick during a single bout.

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