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Xbox Live Gamerscore:

40,000 Pts. - 15:
Acquired when scored 40,000 points.

Andor Genesis - 10:
Acquired when Andor Genesis destroyed.

Blaster Master 100 - 5:
Acquired when 100 air-based enemies destroyed

Blaster Master 500 - 10:
Acquired when 500 air-based enemies destroyed.

100,000 Pts. - 30:
Acquired when scored 100,000 points.

Bomber 100 - 15:
Acquired when 100 ground-based enemies destroyed.

Sol Citadel Razer - 15:
Acquired when Sol Citadel destroyed.

Sol Citadel Locater - 25:
Acquired when 3 Sol Citadels revealed.

Bomber 30 - 5:
Acquired when 30 ground-based enemies destroyed.

Sol Citadel Diviner Pro. - 35:
Acquired when 5 Sol Citadels revealed.

Flag - 25:
Acquired when a Special Flag revealed.

Sol Citadel Finder - 10:
Acquired when a Sol Citadel revealed.

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