Wrestle Kingdom Xbox 360 Cheats

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Antonio Inoki:
Complete NJPW variation of Drama Mode

Great Muta:
Complete AJPW variation of Drama Mode

Masked Devilock:
Complete Free variation of Drama Mode

Tiger Mask:
Complete NOAH variation of Drama Mode

Ironman - 150:
Acquire 30 wins in Survival mode

Pro. of Wrestling - 150:
Acquire 50 wins in Exhibition mode

Grand Slam - 150:
Acquire all the title cards

Heavy Hitter - 200:
Acquire Drama story mode with full charisma

Categorical Champ - 100:
Acquire Drama Story mode with no

Rookie King - 100:
Complete story mode

5 Times Crowned Champ - 150:
Acquire five titles and/or trophy cards

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