Wits Xbox 360 Cheats

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Finish each task to get the Gamerscore Points:
Broke (5 Points):
Bet all chips on one go.

Tiny Favors (20 Points):
Get a right bet on the lower than all bet.

Top Bet (25 Points):
Get 3 right bets in a single game.

Party (5 Points):
Play with three friends on a single Xbox 360 box.

Block Party (20 Points):
Play with 5 people in a single game.

Connections (20 Points):
Play with 10 people online.

Friends (25 Points):
Play 50 games online.

Favorites (5 Points):
Get a MVP award.

Congeniality (20 Points):
Get 10 MVP awards.

Body Moving (10 Points):
Dance on each round.

Wits (30 Points):
Play 50 games.

Mega Wit (15 Points):
Get all seven hundred questions of Wits & Wagers.

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