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Unlockable: 5 Extra Accessories
You must create a new garden titled "chewnicorn."

Hint - Easy Money:
When you have two Tafflies, buy a torch, then direct them to the torch they will start on fire, when you can, put them out with the watering can. They will become Reddhotts. Romance the Reddhotts and sell the kid for an easy ,100. Keep repeating however many times you want.

More Accessories:
Create a new garden and name it "Bullseye" It will unlock new items for your pinata's to wear.

More Accessories 2:
Create a new garden and name it "goobaa" It will unlock new items for your pinata's to wear.

More items:
Create a new garden titled "chewnicorn" and you will recieve 5 extra accessories at the Pet shop when it is available.

Hint - Rags To Riches:
I have something that may help everyone out a lot at becoming a money god. If you see the beggar don't hurt him, just give him about 1000 coins everytime you see him until he opens up a shop.

Once that happens make sure the lady at the general store is selling orchid seeds in the seed catagory. Buy a bunch of orchid seeds and plant them in the ground. Then go to the beggar's shop and use his secret fertilizer (it's the best in the game) and use it 3 times on each orchid.

In the end it should turn out to be a huge plant which sells for 1800 each (and it grows very fast). I have 300,000 coins and got it all in about 20 to 30min. Make sure that as soon as you plant them you water them then use the fertilizer as the plants are growing.

Hint - Crematorium Profit: First talk to Seedos multiple times to get tons of seeds. Plant and sell them for about 200 choco-coins. This triggers a visit from Taffly. Buy a torch light and ignite the Taffly; immediately use a watering can to douse the fire and the Taffly will turn into a RedHott. RedHotts sell for 2100 choco-coins.

Once you get the Hunter, buy express Taffliess for 600 each and turn them into RedHotts through the immolation method.

Hint - Acid Money:
Go to Lottie's shop (a.k.a., 'The Costalot') and buy one Venus Pinata Trap and plant it in the center of your garden.

Since it is a weed you do not need to water it. Once it is fully grown, your pinatas will cluster around the flower and they will knock down the flower heads.

You must quickly collect and sell the flower head -- if you are not quick enough the pinatas will eat the flower. Each flower head sells for 360 chocolate coins. Not only that, but the plant produces multiple flowers making roughly about 15,000 coins for a seed costing you 55 coins. If you manage to repeat this, you're able to gain 100,000 coins in mere a half-hour.

You must be careful about your pointer. It's easy to accidently sell pinatas instead of the flower heads. This in addition to the flower pinata being dangerous as it will spit acid spores at adjacent pinatas and make them sick.

This means you have to constantly manage the Venus Pinata Trap, but once you amassed your fortune, you can go ahead and clear the weed.

You can also do a similar thing with flower heads from Poison Ivy (just strike Seedos instead of making a purchase).

Hint - Pretztail Evoloution:
Once you have grown some carrots in your garden, it should attract Bunnycombes. Get at least two to become residents (feed bunnycombes carrots). The Bunnycombes should attract Pretztails.

So when a pretztail comes in your garden, let it eat a bunnycombe and it will become a resident. Do this again so you will have two pretztails. Now go to Lotties' shop ('Costalot shop') and buy a doughnut. Feed it to one of the two Pretztails and it should turn into a Mallowolf.

Hint - Choco-tastic Money Maker:
You need to be around level 30 for this one (to buy the items needed), but this should solve most or all of your money woes.

Talk to Seedos a few times and eventually he will throw you the 'Bird of Paradise' seed. After you get this seed, it will be unlocked in Costolot's store for 55 coins.

Simply start a new garden, buy and plant as many of these seeds as you can, make sure to water them, and use Ivor's special mix fertilizer on them thrice. Note that if you do not water the plants, they die.

I suggest using the one pour wonder watering can also available in Ivor's shop. When they grow to maturity sell those suckers for 1400 chocolate coins each. Taking time out gain a 1345 coin profit will pretty much leave you sitting pretty after a few dedicated hours.

Hint - Easier Master Romancing Achievements:
First, make sure you have lots of money, which can be made by using the Chili growing tip.

Next, put Gretchem Fetchem to work by having her find whatever pinata you want expressely. In a half hour you can easily have 7 of a species. I recommend Taffly's, Flutterscotchs, and Sparrowmints first, for evolving reasons.

If you get 7 sparrowmints, you get the master romancing award for them, then make all of them eat a butterscotch flowerhead, they all become candaries, and you get the MR award for them as well.

Same with Tafflys, get 7, get the award, then make them go through the garden torch one by one, and put them out with a water can once they are on fire, this will give you 7 red-hotts, the MR award for them, and they well for 2100 each.

Also, get 7 white flutterscotchs and evolve them to whatever you want. I evolved them to yellow by making them eating butterscotchs.

Another easy method is using the 7 paper pets from the Paper pet lady, check out, go back to the garden, get all the rewards, then sell them all. Do this with every animal she has for easy levels and master romancing awards.

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