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UNO drawing deck:
To hide the UNO drawing deck, push Back.

How to get very high rank on the player leaderboard:
Go to an online player match.

Pick "Create Game", then choose "House Rules".
Set the game settings to an "Elimination match" and no points.

Only play against the CPU.:
You can get more than 10000 ranks, with 20 extra wins.

Complete the following tasks to get gamerscore points:

Bluff on a Wild Draw Four twice in the same game - Bluff (10 pts.)
Finish a 4 - Multiplayer (10 pts.)
Go out with a Wild or Wild Draw Four card - Wild Abandon (20 pts.)
Go out without drawing a card - Ace! (20 pts.)
Play 40 Draw Two cards - High Noon (15 pts.)
Play 40 Reverse cards - Twister (15 pts.)
Play 40 Skip cards - Skip to My Lou (15 pts.)
Get UNO! and win the game - UNO! (10 pts.)
Play 40 Wild or Wild Draw Four cards - Wild Thing (15 pts.)
Win 40 games of UNO - Devotee (25 pts.)
Win ten 4 - UNO Shark (30 pts.)
Change the color of the discard pile at least five times in a single round -
Quick Change Artist (15 pts.)

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