Transformers: The Game Xbox 360 Cheats

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Megatron (G1):
Acquire all the Transformer Shields in the Decepticons story mode

Optimus Prime G1 (Cartoon Model):
Locate all the Autobot faction symbols during the Autobot campaign.

Robo-vision Optimus (G1):
Complete the Autobot campaign.

Starscream (G1 repaint):
Finish Decepticon story mode.

Jazz G1 Repaint:
Finish all of the "challenge" sub-missions in both the autobot and the decepticon campaigns.

Xbox Live Gamerscore:

Challenge - 10:
Acquired when finished your first Challenge sub-mission.

What are Roads? - 15:
Acquired full Jump Skill.

Transform and Roll Out - 10:
Acquired when transformed for the first time.

Speed Monster - 15:
Acquire full Speed Skill.

Incorrect Way - 15:
Hit 250 Cars

Sideways Motion - 15:
Acquire full Slide Skill.

Root Evil - 15:
Acquire full Evil Skill.

Disguise - 25:
Convert 500 times.

Optimus Prime - 20:
Defeat 200 Decepticon Drones.

Megatron - 20:
Defeat 200 Autobot Drones.

Ironhide - 15:
Acquire full Heroic Skill.

Bumblebee - 60:
Acquired when collected all the hidden icons.

Shot Putter - 15:
Acquire full Throw Skill.

Brawl - 15:
Acquire full Destruction Skill.

AllSpark - 75:
Acquire 100% completion.

Mad Deft - 40:
Acquire all Skill items on all levels

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