Transformers: Decepticons Xbox 360 Cheats

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Health Restoration:
Level up your custom Transformer to level 20 and you will get your health regenerated.

Get this cheat by beating the story mode one time.

Full health:
During in Free Play, push start, go to "vehicle form" then choose "confirm". From here you can simply press B to return to the game.

Unlockable: Stunt    
750 WiFi Tokens

Unlockable: Funky Bus    
Contact the Allspark Wars server for the first time.

Unlockable: Love Cruiser    
Get 250 wifi tokens in the allspark wars

Unlockable: G1 Starscream    
Download the Transformers DS trailer at Target

Unlockable: Cheat Psycho Cars    
Acquire 500 Wifi Tokens

Unlockable: Infinite Energy
Get 1000 WiFi Tokens

Unlockable: Scout    
Get 1500 WiFi Tokens

Unlockable: Construction    
Finish the game

Unlockable: Super Jump
Acquire 2000 WiFi Tokens

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