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Finish each task to get the gamerscore points:

NORN's Favor (10 Points):

Locate and enable all available Cyberspace wells.

Aesir (20 Points):
Get Adept status.

Warrior of the Aesir (25 Points):
Acquire Skilled status.

Hero Aesir (30 Points):
Acquire Hero status.

Legend Aesir (30 Points):
Acquire Legend status.

Son of Odin (40 Points):
Acquire God status.

Jack of all Trades (10 Points):
Acquire Adept status or greater for all classes.

Step toward Destiny (5 Points):
Acquire your first skill point.

Path of Ruin (25 Points):
Beat 100 total enemies using Ruiners.

Perpetual Rage (10 Points):
Acquire a 100 hit combo.

No Mercy (10 Points):
Beat 25 foes with a single Battle Cry.

Rune Lore (10 Points):
Acquire 1,000 Runes.

Relics of a Forgotten Past (5 Points):
Finish a 7 piece Elite armor suit.

Rich (10 Points):
Acquire 1,000,000 in bounty.

Artisan to the Aesir (10 Points):
Create 100 blueprints.

Aesir Ascendant (10 Points):
Finish a tier 3 charm.

Fenrir's Bite (10 Points):
Give a skill point to a sentient ability.

Power Display (5 Points):
Do either a 2 in1 Juggle, Ruiner, Finisher, Slide, or Gunfire move.

Final Strike (10 Points):
Slay 100 enemies with finishers.

Death in the Air (10 Points):
Kill 100 foes with air combat.

Valorous Deed (5 Points):
Beat a polarity foe.

No Equal (10 Points):
Beat 1000 polarity foes.

Ascendance (10 Points):
Finish 20 Charm Quests.

Archivist to the Aesir (10 Points):
Get 7,500 item drops.

God Enters, God Leaves (20 Points):
Finish 3 Secret Arena Battles.

Serve Up (10 Points):
Juggle a foe to be killed in air combat by a teammate.

Teamwork Takedown (10 Points):
One player must destroy the troll's chest armor and the other must mount kill.

Blooded of the Aesir (10 Points):
Acquire Novice status (Level 5).

Hate Machine (15 Points):
Slay 20,000 foes.

The Halls (80 Points):
Hall of Heroes has been completed (all tokens collected) in Single Player or Online Coop Play.

Frozen Vengeance (80 Points):
Ice Forest has been finished (all tokens collected) in Single Player or Online Coop Play.

Got Away (80 Points):
World Serpent has been finished (all tokens collected) in Single Player or Online Coop Play.

To Hell (80 Points):
Helheim has been finished (all tokens collected) in Single Player or Online Coop Play.

Hall of Heroes (10 Points):
Hall of Heroes has been finish without dying.

Force to be Reckoned (5 Points):
100 Elite foes annihilated.

Anger of the Killed (30 Points):
1,000 Undead slain.

Death to Goblins (30 Points):
2,500 Goblins defeated.

Hunter of Elfkin (30 Points):
500 Dark Elves vanquished.

Triumph of Humanity (30 Points):
Hel has been beat by the Human Baldur.

NORN Novice (5 Points):
1st Cyberspace Well has been enabled.

Call of Battle (5 Points):
First Battle Cry acquired.

Valkyrie's error (5 Points):
Perish 100 times

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