Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

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Assault ACE Points:
+3 Slay an enemy or player behind cover with penetrating weapons.
+3 Slay an enemy or player with C4.
+2 Slay an enemy or player who is using a mounted machine gun.
+2 Slay an enemy or player with a frag grenade or breaching charge.
+2 Slay an enemy or player who is using a riot shield

More Powerful Ragdoll Physics:
Pause the game and input this cheat while holding the right trigger down: A + A + B + B + X + X + Y + Y + A + B + X + Y.

Designated Slayer:
Get the full value of opponent deaths in Story Mode and Terrorist Hunt by designating your targets.

Acquire Comcast Map:
Navigate to the in-game Extras menu, where you�ll see an option called "Comcast Gift". Iput the code "Comcast Faster" after choosing that option, and the map will be available.

Acquire M468 Assault Rifle:
Navigate to the game's main menu and hold down the Right Bumper as you input the following code: Up + Y + Down + A + Left + X + Right + B + Left + Left + Y.

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