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Multiplayer Achievements:

Clear Winner:
Awarded for victories totaling 1000 Command Points in Ranked Quick Match games.

Emplacement Killer:
Awarded for 250 emplacement kills in Ranked Quick Match games.

Awarded for more than 20 enemy player kills in a single Ranked Quick Match game.

Focused Fire:
Awarded for killing enemy players faster than 1.7 per minute of play in Ranked Quick Match games.

Game Completion Award:
Awarded for victory over evil in France!

Great Score:
Awarded for achieving a score greater than 350 in a single Ranked Quick Match game.

Great Shooting:
Awarded for accuracy greater than 40% in a single Ranked Quick Match game.

Guns Blazing:
Awarded for an average score of over 18 per minute of play in Ranked Quick Match games.

Infantry Killer:
Awarded for 1000 infantry kills in Ranked Quick Match games.

Awarded for accuracy greater than 25% over your Ranked Quick Match game career.

Master of Capturing:
Awarded for capturing more than 10 objectives in a single Ranked Quick Match game.

Vehicle Killer:
Awarded for 200 vehicle kills in Ranked Quick Match games.

Victories Keep Piling Up:
Awarded for winning 500 Ranked Quick Match games.

Hint: Campaign Achievements

Stage 1 - Beachhead:
Air Defence - Player destroys 10 or more Stukas with AA gun.
Combat Aid - Make sure 5 or more paratroopers survive the drop zones.

Stage 2 - Into the Fray:
Troop Car Destroyed - Destroy the train's passenger car at the first Nazi outpost.
Searchlights - Destroy all eight searchlights in the stage.

Stage 3 - Yo Adrienne:
Convoy Ambush - Destroy the SS truck convoy (after the Radio Tower).
Destroy Propaganda - Destroy all Nazi pillars in the town (before the church).

Stage 4 - Mortain:
Tank Rescue - Rescue the tank crew in the south river.
Allied Rescue - Make sure the friendly troopers reach town (kill Stukas).

Stage 5 - Assault on Rochereau:
Allied Rescue - Rescue friendly soldiers at Armory.
Panther Capture - Capture the Panther tank and finish the stage in it.

Stage 6 - See The Light:
Convoy Destruction - Ddestroy the oil tankers north of the Armory.
Sub Destruction - Destroy the two U-Boats at the pier.

Stage 7 - Sole Survivors:
Train Destruction - Destroy the (moving) armored train with your armored train.
POW Savior - Save the four Wehrmacht soldiers from the SS (south of Radio Tower).

Stage 8 - Vengeance:
Allied Savior - Keep the artillery alive by using no more than 10 reserve guns.
Fuel Depot - Destroy 25 barrels in the stage.

Stage 9 - Crossing Over:
Howitzer Defence - Keep 5 howitzers alive from the Stukas.
Tank Column - Destroy all tanks before finishing the stage.

Stage 10 - Iron Zeppelin:
Destroy Protoype Jet - DEstroy the red jet fighter in the southern spur.
V1 Rockets - Destroy all the V1 rockets near the Radio Tower and Motor Pool.

Stage 11 - The Gates of Hell:
Protect Allies - Keep soldiers alive at the zeppelin crash site.
Artillery Destruction - Destroy all ten Nazi guns on the map.

Stage 12 - Kalterberg Fortress:
Rescue Airfield - Prevent Radio Tower from falling into Nazi hands.
Destroy Radar - Destroy the radar dish in the southeast corner of the map.
campaign clear - Clear the camapign for the 25th medal (unlocks all cheats).

Unlockable: Faster Health Regeneration Rate
You must get get 8 Medals.

Unlockable: Unlimited Sprint
You must get 4 Medals.

Unlockable: Damage Multiplier
You must get 21 Medals.

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