The Incredible Hulk Xbox 360 Cheats

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Finish each task to get allotted gamerscore points:

Leader (10 Points):
Recruit Samuel Sterns in the search for a cure to Banner’s condition.

BOOM (10 Points):
Protect New York from the Enclave Chemical Bomb.

A surprise (10 Points):
Come into contact with General Ross’s Spec Ops team.

2 Heads (15 Points):
Beat the Bi-Beast.

The Eyes (10 Points):
Blow up an Enclave Kyklops.

Pain Hurts (20 Points):
Spark an old flame.

Class (20 Points):
Uncover Major Talbot on television.

Discharge (25 Points):
Dishonorably discharge Major Talbot.

Cleaner (10 Points):
Clean up the filth from the streets of New York.

Up (20 Points):
Crash and demolish the Enclave’s Lightning Satellite.

The Foe Of My Foe (25 Points):
Beat Enclave’s F-POD.

Alia Iacta Est (25 Points):
Save General Ross's team while they attack the Enclave base.

Boost (15 Points):
Acquire a power boost from Samuel Sterns.

Cure (10 Points):
Test the cure created by Samuel Sterns.

Snow Man (50 Points):
Beat the Abomination.

Rage (5 Points):
Beat 50 enemies using Rage powers.

War Hulk (25 Points):
Live for longer than 60 seconds at Threat Level 9.

Edge (10 Points):
Beat 5 foes by knocking them off a high building.

Homer (5 Points):
Launch a foe a distance of at least 436 feet.

Empire State (50 Points):
Locate every landmark souvenir in New York City.

Tourist (10 Points):
Locate every Subway Station in New York.

Points (25 Points):
Acquire 1,000,000 points while Strike Teams are active.

The Arts (15 Points):
Look at every piece of concept art once.

Smash (10 Points):
Smash as much as possible in Brazil.

Crash (10 Points):
Stick 25 auto-wrecks to buildings.

Fury (5 Points):
Get the Enclave away.

Rage Management (40 Points):
Locate all the Fury Canisters hidden in New York City.

Gamma (40 Points):
Locate all the Gamma Canisters hidden in New York City.

Top (5 Points):
Go to the top of the five tallest buildings in New York City.

Flags (5 Points):
Go across the tops of the flagpoles outside the U.N. Building.

Falling (5 Points):
Finish "We’re Not Giving Up – Part 2" without touching the ground.

Strong (50 Points):
Acquire access to all the upgrades.

4 Sectors (50 Points):
Destroy out the Enclave's four sectors.

Mini (50 Points):
Acquire a gold medal in every mini-game.

U-Foe (10 Points):
Trick a U-Foe into killing one of his or her teammates.

New York City Building (25 Points):
Demolish a building in each New York City neighborhood.

More Points (10 Points):
Acquire 6,132,008 points.

Get Abomination:
Beat Abombination.

Get Classic Hulk:
Locate any give comic covers

Get Gray Hulk:
Break 7,500 things

Get Ironclad:
Beat all of the U-Foes, fooling one of them to take down another one of them; next, destroy Abomination.

Get Maestro:
Raze a building in each neighborhood

Get The Professor:
Finish all fifteen Jump Challenges

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