The Golden Compass Xbox 360 Cheats

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Finish each achievement to get the gamerscore points:

Shaman Suppressor (10 Points):
Beat the Shaman Boss.

Symbol Apprentice (20 Points):
Acquire at least 50 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings.

Fire King (30 Points):
Beat the Flame Thrower Boss.

King Of Svalbard (30 Points):
Beat King Ragnar.

Samoyed Ruler (30 Points):
Beat the Samoyed Hunter Boss.

Tank Slayer (30 Points):
Beat the Tranq Tank Boss.

Witch (30 Points):
Beat Queen Vala.

Zeppelin Master (30 Points):
Beat the Zeppelin.

Alchemist (40 Points):
Locate at least 3 Elixers of the Witch.

Inquisitive (50 Points):
Get at least 30 Alethiometer Questions correct.

Lyra Silvertongue (50 Points):
Finish at least 25 Deception Games with "Success" rating.

Symbol Adept (50 Points):
Acquire at least 80 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings.

Lyra Belacqua (100 Points):
Get all 48 Alethiometer Questions correct.

Pantalaimon (100 Points):
Get to the North Camp.

Symbol Master (150 Points):
Acquire all 108 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings.

Destiny (250 Points):
Finish the game.

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