Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360 Cheats

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Finish each task to get the gamerscore points:

100 hours of play (20 Poins):
Exercise patience.

100,000 km of Travel (10 Points):
Travel that range.

Defeated 1000 foes (10 Points):
Keep getting into battles.

Hyperactive gambler (10 Points):
Try acquiring more chips.

Mega-rich (10 Points):
Save more gald.

Get all titles (30 Points):
Clear sub events to get titles.

Level Maximum (10 Points):
Keeping fighting.

The Adventurer (50 Points):
The maps are viewed by the direction of the camera.

Monster Boss (30 Points):
Use your Magic lens.

Flawless collector (30 Points):
Items can be had by crafting.

Crafting Pro. (10 Points):
Try out crafting.

All Save Points (10 Points):
Save Points are located in various place of the world.

Versperia Pro. (0 Points):
Go for a categorical completion.

100 Combo (20 Points):
Chain your combos.�

Get Ex New Game:
Finish the game.

Alternate Final Boss:
Get every Fell Arm in the game.

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