Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Xbox 360 Cheats

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Get Sith Lord Difficulty:
Finish the game.

Input MANDALORE - Get Master Kota Costume.
Input HARDBOILED - Get Blind Kota Costume.
Input PROTOTYPE - Get Proxy Costume.
Input FERRAL - Get Scout Trooper Costume.
Input TK421GREEN - Get Kashyyyk Trooper Costume.
Input TK421WHITE - Get Storm Trooper Costume.
Input TK421BLUE - Get Storm Trooper Commander Costume.
Input VICEROY - Get Bail Organa Costume.
Input WOOKIEE - Get Master Kento Costume.
Input HOLOCRON - Get Jedi Adventurer Costume.
Input DANTOOINE - Get Ceremonial Jedi Costume.
Input KORRIBAN - Get Sith Stalker Costume.

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