Space Giraffe Xbox 360 Cheats

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Finish each achievement to get the Gamerscore points:

Error (50 points):
Complete level 100.

Ewige Blumenkraft (15 points):
Maintain your first flower to grow alive until the end of the stage.

Neck March (35 points):
Complete stage 100, having started on level 1.

Arkleseizure (10 points):
Acquire more than 20 Sneeze Bonuses leaving a stage.

Prof. Giraffeology (10 points):
Acquire over 10 million on Tutorial stage.

Thief Giraffe (10 points):
Acquire 20 powerups without missing one.

Girafa Caprichoso (15 points):
Finish five consecutive stages with Bonus Multiplier 9x.

Girafa Garantido (10 points):
Maintain your life for 16 levels.

64 (15 pionts):
Finish stage 64 without losing a life.

Boi (10 points):
Acquire Bonus Multiplier up to 9x in one Bull Run.

99 (10 points):
Acquire 9 lives and a 9x Bonus Multiplier.

Pod (10 points):
Finish 16 stages without using jump.

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