Space Chimps Xbox 360 Cheats

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Do each achievement to get gamerscore points:
Get Beast Slayer (60 Points):
Finish all Colossal Beast missions.

Get King of the Jungle (40 Points):
Finish all Malgorian Jungle missions.

Get Master Gardner (40 Points):
Finish all Luscious Garden missions.

Get The Escape (50 Points):
Finish all Cave missions.

Get Zartog's Demise (70 Points):
Finish all Zartog's Palace missions.

Get Who needs invincibility? (35 Points):
Finish any mission without dying.

Get Nice Balance (35 Points):
Have Ham finish any mission past Holy Blow Hole! without falling into a pit.

Get Holy Blow Hole! Racer (40 Points):
Finish Holy Blow Hole! in less than 3 minutes.

Gete In Digestion Racer (40 Points):
Finish In Digestion in less than 4 minutes.

Get Inside Guy Racer (40 Points):
Finish Inside Guy in less than 4 minutes.

Get Ham of the Jungle Racer (40 Points):
Finish Ham of the Jungle in less than 4 minutes.

Get Splork's Army Racer (40 Points):
Finish Splork's Army in less than 6 minutes.

Get Flower Power Racer (50 Points):
Finish Flower Power in less than 4 minutes.

Get Garden of Beatin' Racer (50 Points):
Finish Garden of Beatin' in less than 6 minutes.

Get Spelunking Monkey Racer (50 Points):
Finish Spelunking Monkey in less than 6 minutes.

Get Dungeons and Chimps Racer (50 Points):
Finish Dungeons and Chimps in less than 5 minutes.

Get Storm the Palace Racer (50 Points):
Finish Storm the Palace in less than 5 minutes.

Get Globhopper Magnet. (30 Points):
Finish all globhoppers in a mission.

Get Bananas for Bananas (60 Points):
Acquire all the DOLEŽ Bananas in the game.

Get No More Secrets (40 Points):
Get all the bonus content.

Get Where Credits Due (20 Points):
View the credits all the way through.

Get Bring the Pain (20 Points):
Beat all the enemies in a mission.

Get Globhopper Guru (50 Points):
Acquire all 560 globhoppers in the game.

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