Sensible World of Soccer Xbox 360 Cheats

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Deus-Ex Socca (5 Points):
Beat a 'Computer' controlled team in single player or local multiplayer.

Moon (5 Points):
Get 10 goals in any match type except local multiplayer over multiple matches.

Distance (15 Points):
Finish a single player preset league in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Friends (10 Points):
Prevail in an Xbox Live friendly match.

Tension (15 Points):
Prevail in a penalty shootout.

Present (15 Points):
Acquire the winning goal with 90 minutes on the clock or 120 minutes if there is extra time.

Champions (20 Points):
Finish a single player preset league as the best team.

Good Conduct (10 Points):
Do a match without any of your players receiving a card.

Possess (20 Points):
Acquire an end of match possession rating of 75% or higher.

Goalscoring Superstar (25 Points):
Prevail by 5 or more goals in an Xbox Live ranked match.

Thrashing (30 Points):
Beat any team in single player by 10 goals or more.

Flying Header (30 Points):
Acquire a goal using a diving header.

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