Screwjumper! Xbox 360 Cheats

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Finish each task to acquire the gamerscore points:

Multiplayer Insanity (10 Points):
Get first place in an Xbox LIVE game.

Scrutonian (10 Points):
Finish levels 1-5 in normal mode.

Time (10 Points):
Finish the first level within par time.

Invincible (10 Points):
Do not get hurt for the duration of an entire level.

Leader (15 Points):
Finish levels 1-13 in race mode.

Libitino (15 Points):
Finish levels 6-10 in normal mode.

Mayhemius Maximus (15 Points):
Acquire a score of 50,000,000 in any mode.

Speed (15 Points):
Finish levels 1-20 in Time Trial Mode.

Triple-Digit (15 Points):
Beat 100 or more objects in a single level.

Floratone Freedom (20 Points):
Finish levels 11-15 in normal mode.

First Class (25 Points):
Finish levels 16-20 in normal mode.

Iron Screwjumper (40 Points):
Finish endurance mode.

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