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Unlock Gang, Special, Johnny's, Dex's and Julius Little's Cars:
To unlock these vehicles complete either one of the Storylines. To get them all complete the Vice Kings, Westside Rollerz and Los Carnales missions.

(Please note that these are unique vehicles and cannot be customized)
Julius Little's Car(Attrazione):
Beat the "Semi-Charmed Life" mission.

Dex's Car(Raycaster):
Beat the "What Goes Up..." mission.

Johnny's Car(Zenith):
Beat the "The King And I" mission.

Benjamin King's Car(Mag):
Beat the "The King And I" mission.

Lin's Car(Voxel):
Beat the "No Time To Mourn" mission.

Los Carnales Vehicles:
Beat the "What Goes Up..." mission.

Vice Kings Vehicles:
Beat the "The Return Of The King" mission.

Westside Rollerz Vehicles:
Beat the "Semi Charmed Life" mission.

Unlock Cribs:
Complete Missions to unlock these Cribs. Each Crib contains a Weapon Cache, a safe, a save-point and a wardrobe.
Price's Mansion - Complete "Semi-Charmed Life"
Saints Row Loft Crib - Complete "Back To Basics"
Benjamin King's Penthouse - Complete "Return Of The King"
Angelo Lopez's Beach House - Complete "What Goes Up..."

Instantly warp into any vehicle:
Jump on top of any vehicle (moving or not, including police vehicles) and press Y to instantly kick the driver out and appear in the driver's seat. This is useful if you are running from the cops and don't have time to wait and pull the driver out.
Unlock Zombie Lin

You must finish the Rollerz storyline, then call "Eye for an Eye Voodoo" at 555-5966. Zombie Lin will then be unlocked as a Homie.
In-Game Unlockables

Finding and tagging each gangs tag locations will get you a reward as well as finding all the tag locations:
Reduced damage from cars - Complete "Cecil Park Insurance Fraud"
Platinum RPG Launcher - Complete all 3 Hitman Activities
Reduced damage from bullets - Complete "Adept Way Insurance Fraud"
Reduced damage from explosions - Complete "Chinatown Insurance Fraud"
Gold Plated GDHC .50 - Complete "Projects Hitman"
Health regenerates fast - Complete all 3 Insurance Fraud Activities
"Atrazione" Exotic Car - Complete all 3 Hitman Activities
Pimp Cane Shotgun - Complete all 3 Snatch Activities
Pimp Medallion - Complete "Red Light District Snatch"
Pimp Hat, Fluffy Coat, & Pimp Pants - Complete "Barrio Snatch"
Pimp varient of the Baron - Complete "Arena Snatch"
Pipe Bomb - Complete "Suburbs Mayhem"
Grenade - Complete "High End Retail Mayhem"
Molotov Cocktail - Complete "Barrio Mayhem"
RPG Launcher - Complete all 3 Mayhem Activities
Permanent 50% discount at Friendly Fire - Beat all Hitman activities.
Willy for a Homie - Complete "Saint's Row Snatch"
DFM Like I'm Your Wife - Find 10 Hidden CD's.
Man Up by Ghost Face Killa - Collect 20 Hidden CD's
Get Out Of My Way by Daz Dillinger - Collect 30 Hidden CD's
Hurry Hurry by Strong Arm Steady - Collect 40 Hidden CD's
Shut You Down by Rhymefest - Collect 50 Hidden CD's
Saint's Row by David Banner - Collect All Hidden CD's
Cheap car repair - Complete all chop shops
Receive Discount When Repairing Car - Complete ALL Chop Shops
Special Variant of Stiletto - Complete Downtown Chop Shop
Special Variant of Ricochet - Complete Chinatown Chop Shop
Special Variant of Hollywood - Complete Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop
Dressed To Kill (clothing) - Airport District/Wardill Airport Escort
Samantha (homie) - Red Light District/Bavogian Plaza Escort
Infinite Stamina - ALL tags found and sprayed
Jewelery - Suburb District/Tidal Spring Hijacking
Leather Face - Complete all hijacking activities
Attrazion - Truckyard District/Copperton Hikacking
Anchor (car) - Suburb District/Misty Lane Escort
10% Stamina Boost - ALL Vice Kings tags
10% Stamina Boost - ALL Westside Rollerz tags
10% Stamina Boost - ALL Los Carnales tags
Titan - Airport District/Wardill Airport Hijacking
The Job (car) - Complete all the escort activities
Mr wong (homie) - Complete "Chinatown Hitman"
Permanent 50% Rimjobs discount - Win all the races.
Los Carnales notoriety decreases faster - Complete "Drug Trafficking Factories"
Platinum T3K-Urban - Complete "Chinatown Hitman"
Platinum AS12 Riot - Complete "Airport Hitman"

Phone Numbers: Cheats, Rides, Help, and Funny messages:
Pause the game and press the L or R Trigger until you reach your phone.
Select DIAL and enter one of the following numbers then press CALL.
NOTE: The ( ) and - symbols are automatically entered for you, you just need the number. The only symbols you're required to enter are the # or * if contained in a number. Warning: The codes that have # in front of them are considered cheats and you won't get achievements doing this.

Enables "Give Nightstick" #Nightstick
Enables "Give RPG Launcher" #Rocket
Enables "Give AS12 Riot" #AS12Riot
Enables "Give 12 Gauge" #12Gauge
Enables "Give Tombstone" #Tombstone
Enables "Give T3K Urban" #T3KUrban
Enables "Give GDHC .50" #GDHC50
Enables "Give .44 Shepherd" #Shepherd
Enables "Give NR4" #NR4
Enables "Give Pipe Bomb" #Pipebomb
Enables "Give Vice 9" #Vice9
Enables "Give Hand Grenade" #Grenade
Enables "Give Molotov Cocktail" #Molotov
Enables "Give Knife" #Knife
Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service) (555) 018-0174
On The Rag Clothing 555-5926
Grounds for Divorce 555-9473
Legal Lee's 555-9467
Rim Jobs 555-3493
The Dead Cow 555-6238
Lik-a-Chick 555-3863
On the Fence (Pawn Shop) 555-7296
Eye for an Eye Voodoo 555-5966
TNA Taxi Service 555-455-8008
Unlock Special GameStop T-Shirt Cheat #42637867
Ambulance (Restores Health) 911
Infinite Sprint #SPRINT
Impressions Clothing 555-3248
Freckle Bitch's Phone Number 555-6328
Gives McManus Sniper Rifle #Macmanus
Spawns 'Halberd' in your garage #HALBERD
Spawns 'TraxxMaster' in your garage #TRAXXMASTER
Spawns 'Cavallaro' in your garage #CAVALLARO
Spawns 'Betsy' in your garage #BETSY
Spawns 'Taxi' in your garage #TAXI
Spawns 'Keystone' in your garage #KEYSTONE
Spawns a Titan #84816
Give money #66639
Spawn an Zimos #94667
Spawn a Voxel #87935
Spawn an Zircon #947266
Spawn an Nelson #635766
Spawn a Five-O #34836
Spawn an Bootlegger #2668534437
Spawn an Richochet #742462438
Spawn an Capshaw #2277429
Spawn an NRG V8 #67468
Spawn an La Fuerza #52383792
Spawn an Mockingbird #66254642473
Spawn an Jackrabbit #5225722248
Spawn an Hannibal #42664225
Spawn an Varsity #8277489
Spawn an Thorogod #84676463
Spawn an Nightingale #64448464253
Shogun in garage #shogun
spawn the Aqua car #AQUA
Infinite Ammo #AMMO
God's Wrath (lightning strikes randomly) #10
Suicide Hotline 1-555-ITS-OVER
Stocks 555-2626
Brown Baggers 555-3765
Spawns a Rattler #7288537
Spawns a Komodo in your garage #566636
Spawns a Cosmos in your garage #267667
Spawns a Tuasar in your garage #882727
Spawns a Zenith in your garage #936484
Spawns a Justice in your garage #5878423
Spawns a Vortex in your garage #867839
Spawns a Nordberg in your garage #66732374
Spawns an Anbulance in your garage #262852623
Spawns a Shogun in your garage #746486
Spawns a Baron #22766
Spawns a Destiny #3378469
Spawns a Quota #78682
Spawns a Reaper (Hurst) #732737
Spawns an Ant #268
Spawn a Bulldog #2855364
Spawns FBI #FBI
Chicken Ned 5552445
Full Health #fullhealth
clear skies #sunny
Gives a pimpcane shotgun #pimpcane
No Cop Notoriety #nocops
No Gang Notoriety #nogangs
Enables "Give Zenith" #936484
Enables "Give Rattler" #7288537
Enables "Give Fer De Lance", the best car in the game! #3373352623
The Job #843562
Give Ar-40 Xtnd Rifle #27409863
Give K6Krukov #K6Krukov
TNA Taxi (555) 455 8008
Big Willys Cab (555) 819 8415
Spawn Mag in Garage #mag
Spawns Hollywood in Garage #hollywood
On Thin Ice 555-2564
Crash Landing 555-MART
Spawn BaseBall Bat #BaseBall
Spawns "Gunslinger" in your garage #Gunslinger
Spawns "Baron" in your garage #Baron
Spawns "Hammerhead" in your garage #Hammerhead
Spawns "Compton" in your garage #Compton
Spawns "Quasar" in your garage #Quasar
Spawns "Anchor" in your garage (Newsvan) #Anchor
Gives you the "McManus" sniper rifle #Macanus
Spawns "Newman" in your garage (Mail Truck) #Newman
00 cash #money
Repairs the car you're in #778

Achievements (Gamescore Points):
Get Colombian Made (40 Points) - Subjugate Los Carnales territory.
Slay Royalty (40 Points) - Subjugate Vice Kings territory.
Road Warrior (40 Points) - Conquer Westside Rollerz territory.
Master of Stilwater (160 Points) - Assist the 3rd Streets Saints in taking over Stilwater.
Thug (10 Points) - Acquire a TrueSkill rank of Thug in any Multiplayer mode.
Killer (20 Points) - Acquire a TrueSkill rank of Killa in any Multiplayer mode.
Gangster (40 Points) - Acquire a TrueSkill rank of Gangster in any Multiplayer mode.
Kingpin (80 Points) - Acquire a TrueSkill rank of Kingpin in any Multiplayer mode.
Cheapo (10 Points) - Acquire ,000,000 in the city of Stilwater.
Grifter (10 Points) - Acquire 0,000 in Insurance Fraud.
Shopping Freak (10 Points) - Get 100 clothing and jewelry items for your single player wardrobe.
Coupons (10 Points) - Buy 100 clothing and jewelry items for your Multiplayer wardrobe.
Leader of the Group (10 Points) - Get all 7 Homies.
Getting Up (10 Points) - Tag all tag locations hidden in Stilwater.
Grease (10 Points) - Possess a total of 50 cars.
Racket Master (160 Points) - Finish all activities in Stilwater.
Contract Murderer (10 Points) - Finish all of the Hitman locations.
Demo (10 Points) - Finish all stages of Demolition Derby.
Quick and Angry (10 Points) - Finish all of the Hijacking locations and levels.
Fluffer (10 Points) - Finish all of the Escort locations and levels.
Pimp (10 Points) - Finish all the Snatch locations and levels.
Push (10 Points) - Finish all of the Drug Trafficking locations and levels.
Scavenger (10 Points) - Finish all of the Chop Shop locations.
Tuner (10 Points) - Finish all of the Racing locations and levels.
Vandal (10 Points) - Finish all of the Mayhem locations and levels.
Bullet Repellent (10 Points) - Finish Co-Op level Turbulence at the highest difficulty level.
Errand Page (10 Points) - Finish Co-Op level Mob Rule at the highest difficulty level.
Canonized (10 Points) - Join the 3rd Street Saints.
Reclamationist (10 Points) - Reclaim Saint's Row.
Marathon (10 Points) - Ambulate 26.2 miles on foot.
Chain Group (20 Points) - Dump a total of 500 chainsaw the Big Ass Chains multiplayer mode in ranked matches.
Row Addiction (20 Points) - Play for 20 hours.
Stilwater PD Award (10 Points) - Slay 50 Stilwater residents with only melee attacks.
Pro Thief (10 Points) - Pilfer 30 boxes and deliver them successfully.
Negotiator (10 Points) - Acquire 50 hostages.
Jump Shark (10 Points) - Get a total of 0,000 from the loan office.
Dominator (10 Points) - Prevail in 10 ranked matches in a row.
Audiophile (10 Points) - Acquire all 60 hidden cd's.
Scourge of the Air (10 Points) - Vanquish 50 helicopters.
Clock Tower (20 Points) - Head shot and kill a sum of 100 foes via sniper rifle in ranked matches.
Down with Pimps (20 Points) - Slay the Pimp In Protect the Pimp 50 times in ranked matches.
Tourist (20 Points) - Ambulate 500 miles in the city of Stilwater.
Xzibitionist (20 Points) -� Up your team car to level 4 in the Blinged Out Ride mode a total of 50 times in ranked matches.

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