Roogoo Xbox 360 Cheats

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Finish each of the following tasks below to get the gamescore points:
ROO-Worthy (10 Points):
Unlock the first 10 levels.

Single Track Mind (5 Points):
Rotate in one direction for any 5 stages.

Bonus (10 Points):
Score flawlessly on any bonus level.

Butterfly (20 Points):
Acquire 100% accuracy on Fly Butterfly.

Get Meemoo Headache (7 Points):
Beat off 7 consecutive Meemoo on a platform.

Moo (15 Points):
Defeat par time on Tower of Moo.

Get Bat Attack (35 Points):
Get 100% accuracy on Bat Attack.

Get Acc-ROO-acy (10 Points):
Acquire 100% accuracy on any 10 stages.

Get Roogoo Guru (50 Points):
Acquire par time on all levels.

Get Comeback ROO (13 Points):
Get a multiplayer match with only one shape to lose remaining.

Get Meemoo Savvy (10 Points):
Don't miss any shapes after the first Meemoo fight.

Get ROO-Race (15 Points):
Prevail in a multiplayer match on "Bursting EX".

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