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Reiko Nagase's Messages:
To unlock Reiko's messages, you'll have to complete the following World Xplorer routes with a machine that you've won after racing in an Online Battle(you receive a new machine everytime you participate in 10 online races).
Reiko's Message #3 Complete Special Route #26 with an online won car.
Reiko's Message #2 Complete Basic Route #69 with an online won car.
Reiko's Message #1 Complete Basic Route #11 with an online won car.
Reiko's Message #4 Complete Advanced Route #12 with an online won car.
Reiko's Message #5 Complete Final Route #4 with an online won car.

DJ Heihachi:
Finish Races 96, 99-101, 104,105,111 and Special Race 1 to unlock Tekken's Heihachi as the DJ voice.
DJ Heihachi Finish Races 96, 99-101, 104,105,111 and Special Race 1

Car Modifications:
Wheel Colors Finish Advanced Races 4-7 and 13.
Body Colors Finish Advanced Races 1-4 and 8
Unlimited Nitrous Finish Advanced Races 4,8,12-16

Special Tracks and Routes:
Advanced Route Finish Race 96
Special Tracks Finish Basic Route
Expert Route Finish Race 111
Mirror Courses Finish Advanced Races 8-12, 16-19 and Basic Races 73-77, 106-108
Masters Route Finish Special Race 29
Duel Route Finish Special Race 21

Mini Game:
PacMan Mini Game Finish races 77, 102-108

Unlockable Cars:
Phelios Fatalia Finish Races 6,10,11,12,16,24,25,26,33 and 34
Dragonspirit Wild Gang Finish Race 16
Klik Starnose Finish Race 6
Shootaway Fatalia Finish Races 10,12,13,14 and 15
Gaplus Fatalia Finish Races 3,4,5,6,8,9,10 and 11
Mappy Wild Gang Finish Races 7,8,9,10 and 13
Phozon Fiera Finish Races 1,2,3,7 and 8
Gaplus EO Finish Races 16,26,33-42
Burningforce Highjack Finish Race 42
Mitsurugi Meltfire Finish Race 23
Starluster EO Finish Race 32
Astaroth Meltfire Finish Races 6,17-29
Galaxian Hijack Finish Races 23, 26-32, 50-52, 56 and 57
Pac-Man Wild Gang Finish Race 49
Solvalou Fatalita Finish Race 84
Phelios Fatalita Finish Race 111
Starluster Fatalita Finish Race 96
Himmel 490B Finish Special Race 9
WarpMan Bass Cruiser Finish Special Race 3
Derota Abeille Finish Races 26, 30-32, 35,36,42,62-64,68 and 69
CyberSled WildGang Finish Races 42,64,68-77
Galaxian EO Finish Races 32,52, 56-67
Electosphere Hijack Finish Races 61,64-67,70,71,77, 97-99,102-104
Nebulasray Abeille Finish Races 23,43-55
Zolgear Meltfire Finish Races 61,91-101
BurningForce Meltfire Finish Races 49,52-55,58-61,78-90
Nebulasray EO Finish Races 61,84-96 and Special Race 1
NightRaven Pronzione Finish Special Races 6,19,22,23,25,26
Terrazi Terrajin Finish Special Race 18
Assoluto Pronzione Finish Special Race 15
Phelios Ultranova Finish Special Race 12
Mappy Goo Finish Special Race 6
Quox's 490B Finish Special Races 20-24
Galaga Goo Finish Special Races 25-28
Grobda Abeille Finish Due Race 2
NebulaSray Prophetie Finish Duel Race 4
Quox's Bayonet Finish Duel Race 6
NightRaven Bisonte Finish Duel Race 7
ZasaLamel EsperRanza Finish Duel Race 9
Erusea Raggio Finish Duel Race 11
NebulaSray Hijack Finish Duel Race 13
CyberSled StarNose Finish Expert Race 2
AstaRoth UltraNova Finish Special Races 1-3, 7-15,30 and Basic Race 111
Pac-Man Route #1 Race/Duel Score over 15,000 points in the Pac-Man mini-game.
Pac-Man car Successfully complete the Pac-Man Route #1 Race/Duel.

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