Prince of Persia Xbox 360 Cheats

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Assassins' Perspective:
Around the Martyr's Tower you'll find stairs which go to that area's feRtiLe grounds. Halfway up these stairs is a beam. Put the prince the Persian princess on that beam.

Big View:
The Machinery Grounds' feRtiLe grounds is on a large airship; place the prince and the Persian princess on the ship's prow.

Get Highest Points:
Beat the Alchemist in his Observatory.

Get Lowest Point:
Look at the perimeter of the tree shrine while in the desert; by the edge of the cliff, there is a tiny room under the shrine's roots.

Get Princess Jade Shauni Photowoman:
Finiish the game's story mode for a skin of Jade.

Get Prince Altair Ibn La-Ahad:
Register Prince of Persia via the extras menu.

Get Classic Prince and Princess:
On the extras menu, enter this code on the skin managers menu: 525858542

Ahriman Trophy Achievement:
After beating, before the game's credits are served, leave your controller idle for a minute.

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