Pac-Man Xbox 360 Cheats

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Pick a Apple in round 5 or 6. - Apple (10 pts.)
Pick a Bell in round 11 or 12. - Bell (20 pts.)
Pick a Cherry in round 1. - Cherry (5 pts.)
Pick a Galboss in round 9 or 10. - Galboss (15 pts.)
Pick a Key in round 13. - Key (25 pts.)
Pick a Melon in round 7 or 8. - Melon (15 pts.)
Pick a Orange in round 3 or 4. - Orange (10 pts.)
Pick a Strawberry in round 2. - Strawberry (5 pts.)
Pick all ghosts four times within a stage. - Perfect (30 pts.)
Pick all ghosts in succession after Picking a Power Pellet. - All Ghosts (10 pts.)
Finish round 21. - Clear Round 21 (40 pts.)
Finish the first five rounds. - Clear Round 5 (15 pts.)

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