Ninja Gaiden II Xbox 360 Cheats

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Get Alternative Outfits:
Get Camouflage - Finish the game on Warrior difficulty

Get Jaguar - Finish the game on the Path of the Mentor difficulty
Get Red Gear - Finish the game on the Acolyte difficulty

Acquire Music Player:
Finish the game.

Get New Game+:
Finish the game.

Get Dragon�s Claw and Tiger�s Fang:
During the 4th chapter, you will locate these weapons in a case in the 1st room at the Statue of Liberty�s base.

Get Dragon Sword:
It's default weapon.

Get Eclipse Scythe:
Once you beat Volf you will receive it.

Get Falcon�s Talons:
During the 2nd chapter, before you go to the Dragon Shrine, there's a building; kill the ninjas there.

Get Kasari-Gama:
During the 5th chapter, a deceased ninja will be holding this weapon on the 2nd bridge.

Get Lunar Staff:
In the first chapter, a statue in a shrine will be holding the weapon.

Acquire Tonfa:
During the 7th chapter, a deceased ninja is holding this weapon in the storage room that you drop into about 70% through the stage.

Get Old Film Filter:
Finish the game once.

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