NBA Street Homecourt Xbox 360 Cheats

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Game achievements:
There are a total 16 achievements; each is worth 1000 points.

Unlockable - How to:
Ash Park Champ (50 Pts.): ��
Beat The Ash Park Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode.

Cloverdale Champ (100 Pts.): ��
Beat The Cloverdale Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode.

Dialing Long Distance (50 Pts.):
Beat 7 Successful Long Distance Shots In A Single Game.

Doubling Up (50 Pts.):
Do 3 Successful Double Dunks In A Single Game.

Dunkalicious (50 Pts.):
Do 5 Successful Jump-Off Dunks In A Single Game.

Freaked (40 Pts.): �
Obtain Level 5 In Homecourt Challenge Mode.

GB Insanity (50 Pts.): �
Do 4 Gamebreakers In A Single Game.

King of the Court (70 Pts.): ��
Beat 10 consecutive games in Online.

Mastered (80 Pts.): ��
Obtain Level 15 In Homecourt Challenge Mode.

Named (50 Pts.): ��
Obtain Level 10 In Homecourt Challenge Mode.

Online Showdown (30 Pts.): ��
Play 10 Games Online.

Rupert Bell Champ (70 Pts.): �
Beat The Rupert Bell Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode.

Seeing Double (60 Pts.): �
Level Up 2 Different Created Ballers To Level 10.

Tricked Out (50 Pts.): ��
Execute 10 Successful Trick Moves In A Single Game.

Ultimate Finish (50 Pts.): ��
Win A Game With A Gamebreaker.

Ultimate Journey (150 Pts.): ��
Beat The Homecourt Challenge Mode.

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