NASCAR 08 Xbox 360 Cheats

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Xbox Live Gamerscore:

Setup Trade - 10:
Send a Car Setup to EA Locker.

Today - 10:
Acquire a NASCAR Car of Tomorrow race.

Play It Again - 10:
Save a Race Replay.

National Hero - 10:
Prevail in a race in NASCAR National Series.

Truckin' - 10:
Prevail in a race in Craftsman Truck Series.

Medal - 10:
Acquire a Medal in "The Chase" Mode.

Practice - 10:
Record a run in Toyota "Test and Tune" Mode.

Badge Of Honor - 10:
Finish a Driver Badge.

3 Wide - 10:
Acquire 3 Gold Medals in "The Chase" Mode.

Internet Horsepower - 25:
Previal in an Online Race.

License - 25:
Complete all Licenses in "The Chase" Mode.

Stripes - 25:
Acquire a License in "The Chase" Mode.

Chase For The Cup - 25:
Acquire a Championship in Season Mode using the Car of Tomorrow Series Full Schedule.

Custom Car Maker - 10:
Finish a Custom Car for all racing series.

Craftsman Tools Prize - 50:
Save a Craftsman Tools Car Setup at any Track.

Toyota Prize - 50:
Complete all Toyota Challenges.

Contractor - 25:
Acquire a Contract in "The Chase" Mode.

Sprint Prize - 75:
Acquire a victory in a NEXTEL Cup in Season Mode using the NEXTEL Cup Series
'07 Schedule.

Bills - 100:
Complete all Contracts in "The Chase" Mode.

Full Throttle - 100:
Complete a 100% Length Race in Race Now or Season Mode.

Cross Country - 100:
Travel 5,000 Total Miles.

Chase Master - 100:
Acquire a victory in a NEXTEL Cup in "The Chase" Mode.

All - 100:
Acquire a 100% Game completion.

No Badges - 100:
Acquire all Driver Badges.

Chase Mode Cars:
Input "Checkered Flag".
EA Sports Car:
Input "EA Sports Car".

Fantasy Drivers:
Input "Race the Pack".

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