Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Xbox 360 Cheats

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Get More Costumes:
Finish level 3 bets at the PMC Villa with your allies.

Get 100% Complete:
While firing for 100% in all tasks, make sure to finish all outpost missions before you start the final story mission.

Finish each task to get the Gamerscore points:

Millionaire (25 Points):Acquire million.

Crime (50 Points):
Co-op with a friend.

Pipeline (20 Points):
Acquire all outposts for a single faction.

Heat (10 Points):
Accelerate and brake simultaneously.

Armageddon (20 Points):
Demolish 20 buildings.

Shoot (20 Points):
Acquire 25 headshots.

Damage (50 Points):
Use 20 airstrikes in co-op.

Hail (20 Points):Destroy 50 objects using melee.

Smoke (20 Points):
Destroy 50 objects with a grenade.

Savage (20 Points):
Destroy 50 objects with an RPG launcher.

To the Wall (20 Points):
Pass the Winching Challenge thrice.

Shooting (20 Points):
Finish one of Fiona's challenges.

Heavy Metal (10 Points):
Finish 10 action hijacks.

Quick or Dead (10 Points):
Snipe 50 foe vehicle drivers.

Mr. Nice Guy, No More (10 Points):
All factions HOSTILE.

Justice For All (50 Points):
Confirm all high value targets.

Digital (20 Points):
Acquire all shop items.

Burn the Sky (50 Points):
Acquire all landing zones.

To Hell (10 Points):
Finish three different races.

Of Steel (50 Points):
Get first during a co-op race.

Good Times (50 Points):
Beat 200 objects from the gunner seat in co-op.

Want Some? (50 Points):
Play with a Mercenaries 2 developer.

Billion Dollar (25 Points):

Acquire billion.

Wild (20 points):
Recruit Ewan.

Rage (20 Points):
Complete "Rescue Carmona."

Hooray (50 Points):
Acquire the PMC.

School's Out (20 Points):
Finish the tutorial.

The Dragon (10 Points):
Hijack the tank in the villa.

Analog Kid (20 Points):
Recruit Misha.

Oil and Petro (20 Points):
Recruit Eva.

Dirty Deeds (10 Points):
Acquire maximum Universal Petroleum mood.

Domination (10 Points):
Acquire maximum Pirate mood.

Free Evermore (10 Points):
Acquire maximum P.L.A.V. mood.

Hero (50 Points):
Finish Mercenaries 2.

No Compromise, No Regrets (20 Points):
Battle for Caracas.

Fire (10 Points):
Acquire maximum Chinese mood.

Stand Up (10 Points):
Acquire maximum AN mood.

Go to your PDA and input the following to turn on Cheat Mode: Left Bumper, Right Bumper, Right Bumper, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, Left Bumper, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, Right Bumper, Right Bumper.

Get All Airstrikes minus nuclear - Right + Left + Down + Up + Right + Left + Down + Up.
Get All Costumes - Up + Right + Down + Left + Up.
Get All Supplies - Left + Right + Right + Left + Up + Up + Left + Up.
Get All Vehicles - Up + Down + Left + Right + Right + Left.
Get Grappling Hook - Up + Left + Down + Right + Up.
Get Unlimited Ammo - Up + Down + Left + Right + Left + Left.
Get Invincibility - Up + Down + Left + Down + Right + Right.
Get Nuclear Airstrike - Up + Up + Down + Down + Left + Right + Left.
Get Refill Fuel - press Up + Up + Up + Down + Down + Down.

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