Luxor 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

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Xbox Live Gamerscore:

Pharaoh's Booty - 16:
Acquire up 100 pieces of gems and jewelry.

Magic Isis - 19:
Complete Adventure Mode on the Expert difficulty level.

Health and Wellness - 15:
Complete a stage without dying.

Royal Shooter - 16:
Complete a stage with 100% accuracy.

Horns of Hathor - 17:
Complete Adventure Mode on the Normal difficulty.

Golden Ankh Coin - 16:
Acquire up 15 or more coins in a single level.

Feather of Ma'at - 15:
Complete Adventure Mode on the Easy difficulty level.

Challenge of Horus - 19:
Complete the Challenge of Horus.

5 Days of Thoth - 15:
Get together 5 chain reactions.

Osiris - 18:
Acquire a Perfect ranking on all bonus rounds.

12 Gates Luxor Temple - 14:
Get 12 or more spheres with a single shot.

Pharaoh of the 2 Lands - 20:
Acquire the play rank of Pharaoh of the Two Lands.

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