LEGO Batman: The Videogame Xbox 360 Cheats

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Get More Hearts - Input ML3KHP
Increase Score tenfold - Input 18HW07
Invulnerable - Input WYD5CP
Get Alfred - Input ZAQ637
Get Batgirl - Input JKR331
Get Bat Tank - Input KNTT4B
Get Bruce Wayne - Input BDJ327
Get Bruce Wayne�s Jet - Input LEA664
Get Catwoman - Input M1AAWW
Get Catwoman�s Motorcycle - Input HPL826
Get Commissioner Gordon - Input DDP967
Get Garbage Truck - Input DUS483
Get Harley Quinn�s Truck - Input RDT637
Get Mad Hatter - Input JCA283
Get Mad Hatter�s Boat - Input M4DM4N
Get Mad Hatter�s Glider - Input HS000W
Get Man Bat - Input NYU942
Get Mr. Freeze�s Car - Input BCT229
Get Mr. Freeze�s Girl� - Input XVK541
Get Mr. Freeze�s Henchman - Input NJL412
Get Nightwing - Input MVY759
Get Penguin�s Henchman - Input BJH782
Get Poison Ivy Henchman - Input GTB899
Get Police Bike - Input LJP234
Get Police Boat - Input PLC999
Get Police Helicopter - Input CWR732
Get Police Officer - Input JRY983
Get Police Sniper - Input HKG984
Get Police Van - Input MAC788
Get Riddler�s Henchman - Input XEU824
Get Riddler�s Plane - Input HAHAHA
Get Robin�s Sub - Input TTF453
Get Sailor - Input NAV592
Get Scientist - Input JFL786
Get Security Guard - Input PLB946
Get Soldier - Input MKL382
Get SWAT Officer - Input HTF114
Get The Joker (Tropical) - Input CCB199
Get The Joker�s Henchman - Input UTF782
Get The Joker�s Van - Input JUK657
Get Two-Face�s Truck - Input EFE933
Get Yeti - Input NJL412
Get Zoo Sweeper - Input DWR243

More Hearts - Input ML3KHP
Quicker Batarangs - Input JRBDCB
Quicker Piece Assembly - Input EVG26J
Quicker Walking - Input ZOLM6N
Fire Batarangs - Input D8NYWH
Frosty Batarangs - Input XPN4NG
Heart Regain - Input HJH7HJ
Immune to Frost - Input JXUDY6
Indestructible - Input WYD5CP
Minikit Detector - Input ZXGH9J
Multiply Score - Input 9LRGNB
Piece Detector - Input KHJ544
Power Brick Detection - Input MMN786
Score Multiplier x2 - Input N4NR3E
Score Multiplier x4 - Input CX9MAT
Score Multiplier x6 - Input MLVNF2
Score Multiplier x8 - Input WCCDB9
Score Multiplier x10 - Input 18HW07

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