Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Xbox 360 Cheats

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Acquire Curian:
Finish Celine's level on at least Normal difficulty.

Acquire Stone Golem:
Cast Petrifying Breath on the Wood Golem creature.

Synthesizing Potion:
Red Potion - Deletes last enhancement from item.
White Potion - Deletes all enhancements from item. SP recovery, SP use, damage, HP added.
Cyan Potion - Pushes up SP recovery for accessories.
Orange Potion - Pushes up attack of weapons.
Blue Potion - Pushes up HP added to armor.
Grey Potion - Pushes up SP recovery rate for all items.
Panacea - Takes away any penalities from a flawed or cursed item.

Acquire Yellow Potions:
Utilize a yellow potion on high luck characters just prior to a boss being killed.

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