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Reach the scores belllow to unlock the hidden features.

Score - Unlocks:
Thorn's Castle
100 - Alternate Costume - Kameo
500 - Making Backgrounds Video
1.000.000 - Troll Song
1.500.000 - Concept Video
2.000.000 - Test Cutscene
2.500.000 - Cheats Set #1 (Big Head)

Forgotten Forest��
200 - Animation Video
400 - Alternate Costume - Pummel Weed
800 - Wotnot Book Video
1.200.000 - Alternate Costume - Rubble
1.600.000 - Cutscene Player
2.000.000 - Cheats Set #2 (Visual Effects)

Water Temple��
500 - Alternate Costume - Kameo
1.000.000 - Alternate Costume - Ash
1.500.000 - Cutscene Videos
2.000.000 - Alternate Costume - Major Ruin
2.500.000 - Boss Fights
3.000.000 - Cheat Set #3 (Hard difficulty)

Snow Temple��
500 - Evolution of the Characters Video
1.000.000 - Alternate Costume - Deep Blue
1.500.000 - Music Player
2.000.000 - Alternate Costume - Chilla
2.500.000 - Character Model Video
3.000.000 - Cheat Set #4

Thorn's Pass��
2.500.000 - Alternate Costume - Kameo
3.000.000 - Deleted Moves Movie
3.500.000 - Evolution Videos
4.000.000 - Alternate Costume - Flex
4.500.000 - Animatic Videos
5.000.000 - Cheat Set #5

Thorn's Airship��
500 - Early Footage Video
1.000.000 - Deleted Scenes Videos
1.500.000 - Alternate Costume - 40 Below
2.000.000 - Airship Concept Video
2.500.000 - End Concept Video
3.000.000 - Cheat Set #6

Game Score��
Score� Unlocks
9.000.000 - Concept Art Set 1
12.000.000 - Conecept Art Set 2
15.000.000 - Alternate Costume - Snare
18.000.000 - Animatic Videos 2
21.000.000 - Deleted Cutscenes Video
24.000.000 - Alternate Costume - Thermite

Unlock Kameo costume:
Reach an "A" rank on all levels.

Cheats set options:
After unlocking the individual Cheat Sets through points (described above), select
them to access the indicated cheat functions.

Cheat Set 1
Giant Troll Heads: On/Off
Giant Kameo Head: On/Off

Cheat Set 2
Warrior Vision: On/Off
Screen FX: Heat Haze/Negative/Old Film/Septia Tint/Solarized/Underwater/Soft Focus

Cheat Set 3
Screen FX: 8-Bit #1/8-Bit #2/8-Bit #3/16 bit/32 bit/64 bit
Trolls: Hard
Trolls: Hard

Cheat Set 4
Fire Proof: On/Off
Trolls: Traitor
Trolls: Scaredy

Cheat Set 5
Maximum Healing: On/Off
Elemental Override: Fire/Ice/Off

Cheat Set 6
Trolls: Easy
One-Hit Death: On/Off
Invulnerability: On/Off
Upgrade All Warriors: On/Off

Unlock elemental sprites:
Unlocakbles:� Task
40 Below: Beat the Ice Cave Shadow Troll
Ash: Rescue Halis.
Chilla: Rescue Lenya.
Deep Blue: beat the Water Cave Shadow Troll.
Flex: Beat the Sulfur Cave Shadow Troll.
Major Rush: Beat Lobster Hollow Shadow Troll.
Pummel Weed: Beat Enchanted Kingdom Shadow Troll.
Rubble: Beat the Forgotten Forest Shadow Troll.
Thermite: Beat the Ogre Swamp Shadow Troll.

Getting the Eye of Strength:
Go to the Enchanted Kingdom's Palace. Find the chamber of Living Portraits.
There you will see a statue. Thorn is holding an orb with a hole in the middle.
Morph into Thermite, and approach the statue.� Aim a bomb shot so that a bomb
will either hit the orb, or go into the hole where the Eye is. Statue of Thorn will
explode and the Eye of Strength will drop to the floor. Move to the pedestal to pick
it up.

Crystal eyes:
Unlock Eye of Defense
In the Hall of mirrors, use thermite's Mortar ability to blow up the statue in the

Unlock Eye of Protection - Increases Kameo's Defense, Decreases Kameo's Attack
Near the top of the ancient tower.

Unlock Eye of Restoration as Kameo, restores health
Under a shell in the enchanted Kingdom

Unlock Eye of Spirit (hidden in a hallway behind a sheet)
Past the portal to the mainland, there is a big door that needs lit dragon heads to
open, flame them and go thru another door like it

Listen Banjo Radio
Go to Forgotten Forest Glade, enter Creeper's Home. After you enter, on your left,
there should be a drawers with a radio on top. Go the radio and press button A to
turn it on. You will hear a remix of the old Banjo-Kazooie tune playing in the

Unlock secret gamescore points (max. total 100):
Finding the Warrior transformations
Beating Thorn in Single Player mode
Beat Corallis in a Co-Op Quest
Beat Lord Drok in a Co-Op Quest
Beat Old Mawood in a Co-Op Quest
Beat Queen Thyra in a Co-Op Quest
Beat Thorn in a Co-Op Quest
Reach A rank on Forgotten Forest
Kameo rescued Halis from the Forest Temple
Kameo rescued Lenya from the Water Temple
Kameo rescued Yeros from the Snow Temple
Reach A rank on Snow Temple
Reach A rank on Thorn's Airship
Reach A rank on Thorn's Castle
Reach A rank on Thorn's Pass
Reach A rank on Water Temple
Complete the game 100%

Restore full magic:
If you changed back any transformations your magic will be replenished.

Get infinite money:
Go to Forgotten Forest.
Beat the main boss.
Receiving the element "Ash".
Find a place where you can buy items.
Start smashing the pumpkins there.
Every timee when you destroy a pumpkin, you will receive a few silver or copper.

Refill health with Ash:
Use the Inferno attack and stand in the fire.
This will raise your health level.�
Do it until your health will be fully replenished.

With Thermite upgraded:
Shoot a bomb somewhere, then stand in the flames.
If you find a fireplace you can stand in also.
Use Ash and you healt will be refilled without using spirit energy.

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