Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank Xbox 360 Cheats

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Xbox Live Gamerscore:

Stockpile (15):
Acquired when you get 5,000,000 points.

Big Destruction (20):
Acquired when you destroy 12 foes with a single Nuke.

Joint Command (10):
Get together with another player to finish one mission.

Last Stand (25):
Acquired when you defeat all 19 Red Star champions in Boss Blitz mode.

ComSat (10):
Play over Xbox Live with three other friends for at least one minute.

Cockroad (15):
Survive 8 minutes of the Red Star attack in any Survival game.

Tour of the World (15):
Acquired when you finish the first nine missions.

Master of Freedom (25):
Manage 12 minutes in any Survival game.

Mega Weapon! (10):
Acquire up components to complete a Megalaser.

Cannon Crazy (20):
Acquired when you complete 11 missions without Nukes of reinforcements.

Red Button (10):
Acquired when you use your first Nuke.

Super Tanker (25):
Acquired when you complete the Mission mode.

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