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Xbox Live Gamerscore:

Great Start (10):
Acquire at least 12,000 points in the first stage.

Earth (30):
Get to Earth.

Partners (10):
Acquire at least 60,000 score during an Xbox Live Co-op game.

Safety Comes First (10):
Get to Neptune without losing a life.

Good Shooter (10):
Defeat all ships on the first 3 bonus levels.

Strong Guy (10):
Get to stage 7 without getting any bonus weapons.

Uranus (10):
Get to Uranus.

Very Good (20):
Acquire a victory in 50 Xbox Live Versus games.

Jupiter (20):
Get to Jupiter.

Saturn (20):
Get to Saturn.

Team (20):
Acquire at least 200,000 score during an Xbox Live Co-op game.

Mars (30):
Get to Mars.

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