Galaga Xbox 360 Cheats

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Game Score Points:

Stage 20 (10):
Finish level 20

Flawless Bonus (15):
Bring down all enemies in a Challenging level

Stage 30 (30):�
Finish level 30

Dual Fighter (5):
Locate the double ship.

Blue Spaceship (30):
Locate the Blue Spaceship during battle

Dragonfly (10):
Locate the Dragonfly during battle

Galboss (30):
Locate the Galboss during battle

Stage 10 (5):
Finish level 10

Mosquito (20):
Locate the Mosquito during battle

Scorpion (15):
Locate the Scorpion during battle

Stingray (25):
Locate the Stingray during battle

Enemy Fighter (5):
Bring down a red captured Fighter

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