Fallout 3 (Collector's Edition) Xbox 360 Cheats

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To survey the area around you for foes you missed, hit the VATS button repeatedly as you make your character spin.

Continuous Hacking:
You have 4 attempts to hack successfully. Try 3 times, bail out, then try again; repeat this process.

More Space:
When running out of inventory space, find a companion character to help you.

Behemoth Locations:
Can be located in: Evergreen Mills, Galaxy News Radio, Jury Station, Takoma Industrial, and The Capitol Building.

Locating Dogmeat:
Go to the Scrapyard, northeast from Megaton, over the river, where you'll find the dog.

Unlimited Good Karma in Megaton:
Go to Megaton and you can locate the Children of the Atom Church. There�s a priest who will be near the bomb. Give him donations, and you�ll get a karma boost.

Increasing Your Experience:
Set the game's difficulty to Very Hard; next, hack the computer or do some lock picking. These actions will give you more experience points.

Stowing Goods on Dead Bodies:
Place your own goods onto a corpse and get them later.

Infinite Mutant Karma:
Go to Big Town at night; The town will be attacked from a Super Mutant raiding party; slay each Super Mutant to acquire more karma.

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