Fable II Pub Games Xbox 360 Cheats

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Accomplish each task to get the gamerscore points:

Mark (10 Points):
Acquire a 3-star rating.

High Roller (20 Points):
Get a 5-star rating.

Want It All (40 Points):
Acquire all 15 unique items.

Comprehensive (110 Points):
Get a jackpot in Keystone.

Luck (10 Points):
Acquire a jackpot in Fortune's Tower.

Stakeholder (20 Points):
Get a bankroll over 2,500 gold.

2nd to the last Player (10 Points):
Rank in a tournament.

Spinner (10 Points):
Prevail Big (at least 100 times your bet) at any Spinnerbox game.

Lucky Locator (10 Points):
Acquire a new game of any type.

Fortunate Locksmith (30 Points):
Get all games.

Master of Chance (30 Points):
Prevail in a tournament.

Fabled Financier (0 Points):
Do a pub game with your Fable II Hero.

There are a few hidden characters that will be available when the default characters are removed:
Delete Daphne - Get Sophia
Delete Lynch - Get Dawkins
Delete Maya - Get Ophelia
Delete Mongo - Get Burroughs
Delete Poe - Get Lucy
Delete Rewster - Get Murray

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