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Unlimited Chips & SP:
At London city, go to the casino (slum area). Use a save and load method, and play roulette by betting 1000 chips for the first 9-12 numbers which you can earn around 24000-26000 chips if you win. The chances is roughly 1/3 to 1/4. Quit casino and save after you win. Naturally, if you lose, reload your last save. Repeat that and you can earn unlimited casino chips.

After you obtained all the goodies in the casino presents, you can sell that item in casino which recovers 50% of your HP and EP at the shop next door. You can only carry 9 on you at a time. So you will have to buy them from casino using chips and sell them at the shop. You can get 5400 TB for 9 of them. Repeat the step above and you can have unlimited money and unlimited SP because SP can be purchased at the shop.

Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Betrayal (25 points):
Defeat the traitor in the abandoned mineshaft.

Bizzare (25 points):
Defeat Tokimune's bodyguards at Kyoto Palace.

Close (75 points):
Defeat the Queen of Ice at the Ice Palace.

Conclusion (25 points):
Defeat Ouka at London Castle.

Deep in the Ruins (25 points):
Defeat Fire Golem in the sealed off area.

Defender (25 points):
Defeat Poseidon at Entei's Temple.

Deja Vu (25 points):
Defeat the Sphinx at the white flower field.

Destiny (25 points):
Defeat Ouka in the abandoned mineshaft.

Fanaticism (75 points):
Defeat Professor Kou at the magic research facility.

First Meeting (25 points):
Fight with Yuuki in a gambling match.

Gaudian (25 points):
Defeat Odin in the Sage's Tower.

Grand Finale (150 points):
Unlock the Happy ending.

Immobile (75 points):
Defeat Saisho at the Temple of Trials.

Mysterious Enemy (25 points):
Defeat Minotaurus in the abandoned mineshaft.

Ocean (25 points):
Defeat Aquagel at the wharf.

Purgatory (75 points):
Defeat Entei at Entei's Temple.

Raid (25 points):
Defeat Oboro at Iwato village.

Reform (25 points):
Defeat Sayaka at Iwato village.

Rescue (25 points):
Defeat Oboro at the Ninja mansion.

Resolve (25 points):
Defeat Touya at the Ice Palace.

Riddle (25 points):
Defeat the mysterious man in the Graveyard Town.

Running Wild (75 points):
Defeat the Queen of Ice in the sealed off area.

Sea of Trees (25 points):
Defeat Amazonia in the underground military path.

Subordinates of Ice (25 points):
Defeat Siren in the Sage's Tower.

Tragedy (25 points):
Defeat Cerberus at the magic research facility.

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