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Patch Removal: When you remove the Xbox Live patches, you can do all the glitches that were patched, but this removes the patches for all of your games. No saved game data will be lost, but you will need to repatch everything when you sign-in to Xbox Live, as well as risk being stranded in a modded map that was removed.
Go to the system blade on the dashboard. Select memory and push the GREEN button.Select hard drive. Press YELLOW to view device options.When the page opens press BLUE, BLUE, LB, RB, BLUE, BLUE.A message, "This will perform maintenance on your xbox 360 storage devices. Do you want to continue?" Select "yes" and press GREEN to execute.Restart your Xbox 360 with the uninstall.
  Hint - Free Iorn Arrows Go to the arena in the Imperial city and watch the blue team archer shoot arrows. Half the time you can go in there, the arrows the archers shoots will be there and you can simply take them without being labelled a thief. Naturally, you may want to save before attempting this.
 Unlockable: Free Sigil Stones If you downloaded the extra wizards tower for the elder scrolls oblivion, go into the tower and go up one floor into the living quarters and save it on the teleport pad facing the golden door to outside(it should on its own with auto save) go to the xbox hard drive and DELETE the wizards tower information. when u load say yes even though u did not have the content and get ready. you will see the inside of a house. run at it while jumping and u will teleport into the house. leave the house and u will be in a test area with houses. outside near the fire there is a MACE OF DOOM the best weapon in the game with a lot of charge, designers took it out of the game due to its power. you can explore the other houses and get things like every sigil stone at once. when you go into the oblivion house go to the top grab the sigil stone and get back outside fast because the slower you are the more stones u get and will cause u to be over cumbered and not move and ur stuck. so it fast and u will get about 3 to 5 of each sigil stone. now teleport to any city and save you can now reload your wizards tower information (content) and continue the game. i recommend you take everthing out of the wizards tower that u want/need so it doesnt dissapper with the content.

I was able to do this cheat, but it took about an hour to figure out how to do it based on the instruction presented. The problem with how they were written is the character can not run and jump from his location to get into the test house as he is floating. Luckly I had a torch and figured this part out. Also the Y button which is the jump does not work in this mode, it would be the X button. This still did not accomplish the task.

What the player needs to do is from within the tower, in living quarter's area, do not stand on pad as indicated. Instead save your game while you are standing by the Nirnroot in the next room behind you. When you delete the wizard tower and reload the game you will already be inside the test house. Go outside and grab the Mace of Doom, then follow the green arrow and it will lead to house with the Sigil Stones, have a torch or light source as the room is dark, and climb all the way to the top. Now unlike other towers there is NO platform for you to stand on to reach the Stone, so you need to run and jump, and press A to grab stone.

You will fall to the bottom, but if you have max life you will have enough life to run out and back to the test house to save. Last tip, I did this as a level 1 player, and I sold everything and dropped everything to be a light as possible, a feather spell would be great also.

 Hint: Performance Improvement Applicable only to Xbox 360s with the HDD. Cold boot (power on) while holding the GREEN button to clear the HDD's cache. This should reduce the game's choppiness for a while.
  Hint: Infinite Money Glitch In the Talos district of the Imperial City is the house of a man named Dorian. Enter the house and kill Dorian. When looting his body, highlight his gold and press A...and keep on pressing. His gold will never run out, giving you access to infinite funds. You can return to Dorian's house to loot money later, but his corpse will disappear after a few days.
  Hint: Stealing From Blind NPCs I tested this on armor only, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work for any item if it's large enough for your atavism to collide with it.

First off, go to any armor shop that has a piece of armor on display that you want. Jump up onto the shop keep's counter and just run into and knock the armor item off the counter. This is not illegal and noone will even care. Next, keep kicking it by running into it multiple times until you have the item in a corner away from the view of the shop keeper.

The shop owner will actually follow you around the shop while you run about. Get him/her to follow you to the opposite end of the store, then quickly run back to where you placed the armor item. Use the sneak ability and pick it up before they see you. Done.

 Hint - Sneak Walk Increase (Requires Rufio) The Inn of Ill Omen is located Northwest of Bravil along the road. In the basement of it is a guy named Rufio. As long as you are reasonably quiet he will sleep forever allowing you to sneak around the room increasing the skill easily. Just put your guy facing a corner and rig the stick to keep walking and you gain a new level roughly every minute (early on). Note that if you killed Rufio as part of the Dark Brotherhood's quest, you won't be able to use this exploit.
  Hint - Arena Blindspot This requires your acrobatics to be fairly high (always jump when travelling to increase it), since you need to jump to a spot that's normally out of reach. The blind spot is not immune to ranged weapons or spells, but for the most part, you can take down enemy combatants with your ranged weapons or spells without a loss.

Naturally, save your game before you attempt this.

As soon as the fight starts, run to the left. There is a gray stone pillar, next to the gate. Just jump on and up onto it, as high as you can. Often your opponent is there attacking you so the force of the attack may actually push you onto the short pillar.

If you do it right, you can stay perched up there, safely out of reach of most melee fighters. You can proceed to destroy your opponents with arrows or other ranged attacks at your disposal.
  Hint - Sneak Walk Increase (Requires Armand) There is a way for you to get your sneak skill to rise very quickly in the game. When you have the option to join the theives guild by meeting Armand at the Imperial Water Front garden around 11 pm, accept his task. He will offer you the option to buy lockpicks. Don't buy any. Go into sneak mode and go behind him. Not only will you get the lockpicks from him for free, you can also repeatedly pickpocket him to build up your sneak skill and all he'll say is to go ahead, he doesn't need it anyway.
  Hint - This Fight's Freaking Easy Having trouble with strong monsters or opponents? Work a bit on your Alchemy skill and learn to concoct potions to "Damage Health". Combine such potions with your most potent weapon and hit your enemy a few times, then run off and cackle like a maniac while your quarry dies within minutes. (Repeat as necessary).
  Hint: Infinite Money Giltch #2 There's another way to earn infinite money without having to do anything illegal. Become a vampire and complete the Cure for Vampirism quest. At the end of the quest, talk to the Count of Skingrad about "Reward" to get the 1,000 gold reward. You can then continue to talk to the Count about "Reward" to get 1,000 gold every time. Take advantage of this bug quickly! When you're done talking to the Count, he'll head upstairs to his chambers, which are heavily locked.

Hint - Increase Alteration There is a manor in Anvil in which there is a hidden room in the basement that only a member of the family who sold you the manor can open. You may attempt to cast any spells that unlocks doors on the "portal" on the wall (but it will never unlock). However, even failing will increase your alteration skill and eventually you can reach 100.
  Hint - Sigil Stone Picker The gates generate a random plane of oblivion along with a random sigil stone. Go through the tower all the way to the top, till you reach the sigil stone. Simply save the game before the stone spawns and you can re-randomize the stone by re-loading the game, if it's not to your liking.
  Hint - Exploiting The Unicorn The unicorn offers tranquility. It's also unseasonably warm. If you have a uniorn, go to any city with a stable and stable the unicorn. Lock the unicorn inside while you are outside. Draw your weapon and the unicorn will get mad. A guard will go inside the stable and start attacking the unicorn. Close the gate in after the guard while remaining outside. The unicorn will kill the guard and you can loot the body.

Each guard has a key to his respective city. You can then fast travel to a different city and you can do it again. Some of the stables have a way for the unicorn to get out, so beware. If the unicorn gets one attack in, it will probably kill you. The only way to kill unicorns is with daedric, magic, or silver weapons.
  Hint - Increase Disposition Every Try If you are trying to get a person to like you that has the persuasion option when you talk to him you can incrase the maximum disposition level a little bit more.

I've tested this trick out myself with some Imperial city gaurds and it works as long as you keep trying with the person until you reach the "Disposition Maxed" message on the persausion menu.

All you need to do is talk to the person you wish to persuade with your weapon DRAWN and then get him to like you through the persuasion ability until the menu says "Disposition Maxed." When you do that, simply stop talking to the character and put your weapon away, when you then go to the persuasion menu and look at the disposition level you will see it is somewhat higher(I believe the maximum posible disposition you can achive through this secret is ten). The amount you can get from this seems to depend on the NPC's persuasion level and your charcters persuaion level and the NPC may have a grudge with you or a bond with you from things you may have done to help or hurt them or your charcter may have infamy and/or fame, or the guild you belong in and your curent rank in that guild may affect the way this person feels about you.

I must also warn that certain charcters aren't possible to persuade mainly charcters involved with quests, (For example Baurus of the Blades.)
  Hint: Free Weightless Daedric Weapons After you've gained access to the Arcane University (to do so you must join the Mages Guild), purchase two cheap bound weapon spells. You can get the Bound Dagger spell from the Discount Spells shop in the Imperial City's Market District. Make the second spell you buy bind a weapon that you want to keep. Go to the Arcane University's Praxographical Center (northeast corner) and create a spell that does Bound Dagger for one second on self. You can repeatedly use this spell to raise your Conjuration skill above level 25, a level you'll need to achieve in order to get the free weightless Daedric weapons. Once your Conjuration is at level 25 or higher, make a new spell that will cast Bound Dagger and Bound "whatever weapon you want." (If you don't see the option to create a spell that does anything other than Bound Dagger, you'll need to make sure that you can actually cast the other bound weapon spell. If you can't, raise your Conjuration skill even higher.) Make sure that you add the Bound Dagger effect first, then add the second bound weapon effect. Set both effects for a duration of one second. Cast the spell you've just created and wait for the sound of weapons equipping. Immediately go to your menu and you'll see that the second bound weapon appears in your inventory. Simply drop the weapon and you can then pick it up to keep forever. The weapon has no sell value but it's weightless and pretty powerful. This bug can be repeated as many times as you like, giving you access to an infinite number of Daedric weapons. Hint - Fast Travel For The Grossly Obese After clearing out one of the many dungeons in Oblivion, you may wish to carry out more valuable loot, items, armor and weapons than your current level of Encumbrance will allow. If you're able to, you can cast spells that will temporarily raise the amount you can carry, but if that's not an option for you, a simple potion of feather can be very helpful in a pinch.

Clear out all the enemies, taking note of where all the highly valuable (and sometimes heavy) items you're going to want to carry out with you are. Next, load up as much as you can carry, and drink your feather potion. This will temporarily raise your Encumbrance. Now, quickly run around and grab the other items you want to take. Get outside the dungeon before your potion runs out, and fast-travel wherever you wish.

No matter how far away your destination is, you'll make it, along with all the stuff that you picked up. Travel to a merchant to sell it all, or travel to your home/hideout to stash it for later. When you arrive, you will be over-encumbered, so in order to move, you'll either have to drink another feather potion, or temporarily drop a few things.

I usually fast-travel just inside the gate to the Market District of the Imperial City, where I temporarily drop whatever I can't carry, then run right around the corner to the various shops. I sell everything I don't want to keep, then I return to the gate and pick up the things I dropped. It's a great way to make large sums of cash fairly quickly.
  Glitch - Perma Stat Enchantment Note, this may not work if your game was patched to fix the cloning item glitch. This glitch will also permanently alter your game.

First of all you need an enchanted armor, with a stat that you want to lock onto yourself PERMANENTLY, such as the ability to breathe underwater or spell absorption of some level.

Equip a bow and two or three arrows (the number of items you want to make works with more too). Draw the bow completely back, then bring up the menu. In here you should try to "Unequip" the arrows, it will click and tell you that can't do so while attacking, then you move over to the armor you want to copy and drop it.

Then exit the menu. You should hear the arrow release and a group of armor should clatter to the floor in front of you (some places can't duplicate items, but the "My Bruma House" seems to work wonders for me).

Pick up two of the enchanted armor, and equip one of them. Then draw back the bow with arrows (to do another duplication "un"-arrow and drop item), when you choose to drop this time, select the unequipped copy of the enchanted item and you will see the computer did a mental goof here. It dropped the equipped armor instead of the copy.

Any increases or enchantments on the equipment will be considered active, but you can no longer wear equipment in that area.
 Hint - Minotaur Horns Suck More Than You Do Once you've become a grand champion, the lady managing the arena will offer you random (but tough) fights each game week. If you want some easy gains, ask for a fight against three minotaurs.

Once the announcer says, "Lower the gates", remain in the steps to the entrance hall. Shoot a few arrows or spells at the targets, and all you have to do is stay close enough to them to attack. Occasionally one minotaur may get through but you can handle one fairly tolerably by then.
  Hint - Assassin Gear Without Guild In the city of Bruma their is a house next to Olav'a Tapand Tack, it is the second house along. the house belongs to J�Ghasta. In the house their is a Barrel or Large beer keg with a Very Hard Lock on it if you can break this lock then you will recieve the spols of war in the form of a set of Black Hand Robes and a Black Hand Hood. Although these Robes provide no armor and have no value they are among the best Enchanted Equipment in the game. This equipment provides Sneak + 11, Illusion + 11, Marksman + 11, Blade + 11, Speechcraft + 11.

The only down fall is you have to aviod being sent to jail because they will apear as stolen and will be claimed by the gaurds.
  Hint - Full Ebony / Daedric Armor In order to get a full Daedric suit fairly quick all you have to do is to be on level 25 or up and go to the Roxey Inn. Once you are inside the Inn look for a woman named Rigmor. If she isn't wearing a full Daedric Armor Suit then there are two possible problems. Either you level is not high enough or your luck is not at an adequate level (it should be around 50 or so).

If she isn't wearing the suit she will have a full set of Ebony armor. Still don't let that tempt you. If want a full set of Ebony armor kill Umbra in the Alyeid ruin called Vindasel. But before you kill Umbra talk to the Shrine of Clavicus Vile. He will give the quest to kill her and to bring back the Umbra sword in return for the Masque of Clavicus Vile.

If you return Umbra before talking to the shrine the game will freeze. There is an old Redguard in the Roxey Inn. I can't remember his name but he is the only guy not wearing armor other than the bar tender. That Redguard is a master of heavy armor and will train you if you get him a silver pitcher and four silver cups. You can easily obtain these cups and pitcher by going to Dorian's house in the Imperial City. Dorian can make you rich but not on his free will.

To get rich persuade him until he dislikes you, once you are done he will say things like ,"Get out or I'll call the guards!". Kill him either before or after he attacks you. When is dead search his body for his gold. If you have done everything correctly, you can collect his gold for an infinite number of times and thus become rich which can pay for your heavy armor training for the Redguard in the Roxey Inn.
  Hint - Random Powerful Item (Fast Method) For those of you who are interested in making a character (who must be at level 25 or greater) a physical reflection of 101%, you can quickly get some damn powerful items from the titular "Head" blind monk in the Thieves' guild quest "Arrow of Extrication". The NPC holding the quest item is not only a good candidate because he always has one randomly generated powerful ring or accessory on his person (when killed), but because items are randomly generated when you make a map transition, the small room the NPC is in lets you save outside and reload the game (and map) to let you try again in getting that one item you were looking for. Naturally, high luck helps, but luck enhancement spells also affect the outcome.

Your basic goal is to get two accessories that offer "physical damage reflected" at around the 30 - 40% mark and a (quest award) shield that offers the same thing. With all three items thus equipped, you should be damn near invulnerable. For magic, go after the Mundane Ring, and with the ability to enchant "magic protection 25%" or higher on a few pieces of armor, you can make yourself invulnerable to magic attacks. The only thing left to hurt you will be arrows, but that should be an easy task. Note -- for such high percentages, you need to acquire items and weapons and armor at level 25 (or greater for some Dark Brotherhood items).
  Hint - Item Cloning and Duplication This may no longer work if your Xbox 360 was patched on Xbox Live (see below for additional information).

To multiply items you must have two different types of arrows to make the glitch work.

You attack with the arrow, and when your character is preparing the bow but it is not yet drawn back, press RED to bring up the menu.

Go to weapons and equip another type of arrows by pressing GREEN twice. Nothing should happen the first time except that the new arrows should become selected and after pressing GREEN the second time, there should be a message that says "this weapon can no be equipped while attacking".

Then without closing the menu, drop the item you want to duplicate and it should fall to the ground and multiply randomly. Multiply magic or expensive items to gain fast money.

This is not completely true. This exploit multiplies the item cloned by the number of arrows you have. Your second choice of arrow when the game tells you "this weapon can no be equipped while attacking" will determine the number of items spawned. For example, if you have 500 arrows stocked for your second arrow choice, you will get 500 items. A high number multipling may cause the Xbox 360 to freeze. (IGN tried with 100 and the 360 stuttered). Lastly, you can also clone the Sigil Stones you get from the Oblivion Planes, but not certain items (like swords and armor).

You can clone swords and armor or just about any item in the game. All you have to do is sell it to an NPC and buy it back then you can clone the item. Another thing is you don't need two kinds of arrows. If you unequip your weapon and atack (bare handed) then select the arrows that are already equiped (twice) then drop the item, it will still work.

You can also multiply more than one item at once. After you drop the first item go back and select the arrows again (twice) then drop the second item. (great for alchemy increases) Hope this helps. You can also multiply arrows by dropping one stack and equipping another. Example: you have 100 iron arrows you drop 90 of them. Equip the 10 you have in your inventory, then pick up the other 90. When you pick up the 90 they will be the equipped arrows, but you will have a stack of 10 also. Perform the multiplying glitch and drop the 10 arrows (if all of them don't drop, don't worry). Exit out of the menu and you have more iron arrow o n the ground. To keep the game from glitching with more than a 100 arrows, drop stacks of items. The items you pick up will be in the amounts of the stack you dropped them from.

Although hitting the ground with your fist also works for duplicating items, there is another method that you should try. This method is very effective and you don't have to worry about hurting a bystander. Make sure that you have your magic on something that won't hurt anyone or basically not on destruction mode. Any magic will do. Healing, dispel, feather, etc.... Press your R1 for magic and before the action is done, press the B button. Then select the amount of arrows you want (any amount will do, but make sure that you don't chose anything more than 200 arrows because the game sometimes freezes depends on what item you are trying to duplicate) then select the item you want to duplicate.

Duplication process:
1. Magic- press R1
2. Press B button
3. Choose arrows
4. Select the item.
5. Duplication complete

Post-patch Cloning

This is for the people who have already downloaded the update patches:

Equip any number of arrows, a number divisible by ten is advised, a high number will create same number of duplicated items.
With no weapon equipped, look at the floor and punch it.
Quickly, before the punch has been completed, press the B button to access the inventory screen.
Select the arrows which are equipped and press A to attempt to unequip them. You will receive a message saying that you cannot unequip this because you are attacking.
Select the item you wish to duplicate and press X to drop and duplicate the item.
Press B again to get out of the inventory screen. Pick up your loot.
You can check this glitch with any item, although you can it with any Vampire Dust you collect. If you are part of the Order of the Virtous Blood, you can duplicate vampire Dust and get 250 Gold for each instance of dust. It's not the best fastest way to make cash, but it's a simple way to playtest this glitch.

 Hint - Levelling FailSafe This little exploit can be taken advantage of to jack your levels up to 30 (when the items you earn will be of top quality). Just make sure to complete the quests with vulnerable NPCs or they will not survive the pummeling from high level enemies.

Simply travel to Leyawin and activate the 'Whom Gods Annoy' quest. Get it to the point where the woman gives you her Daedric staff. Instead of going to the dungeon to get rid of it, keep it for a while. The Everscamps it produces are incredibly easy to kill, have weak attack, and never stop respawning. Any ideas yet?

Personally, I was a Knight of Leyawin and went to the White Stallion Lodge to do this. I then decided that I wanted to level my Hand-to-Hand. So I punched the Everscamps to death again and again. A mere 10 minutes later I had raised my Hand-to-Hand almost 15 points.

I think many people don't think that the Everscamps give you experience points, but in fact, they do. I then leveled my block, blade, and heavy armor skills by about 20 points each before completing the quest.

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