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Unlockable: It's Goin Down
Go to the start screen and enter B, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, Y.

Xbox Live Gamerscore:

Represent (5):
Alter your signature.

Car Wash - Solo hard or ranked (10):
Get up your opponent with the car wash brush.

Loud - Solo hard or ranked (10):
Defeat your opponent by using the speaker blast at the club.

Success (5):
Acquire a record go gold in "build a label"

Amps - Solo hard or ranked (10):
Defeat your opponent with the electrified car at the

Power - Solo hard or ranked (10):
Conclude a battle at the TV studio with an electrifying
experience for your opponent

Sound System - Solo hard or ranked (10):
Get your foe's health to 0 with volume at 11
at the Office.

Wet Floor - Solo hard or ranked (10):
Shock your foe to victory at the rooftop.

Marshmallows - Solo hard or ranked (10):
Utilize the fireplace in the penthouse to defeat your enemy.

Mogul (10):
Create six songs in "build a label".

Chart Topper (10):
Get an album to reach number one on the charts.

Bling (15):
Get a record to go multiplatinum in "build a label".

Money (10):
Acquire a record go platinum in "build a label".

Burn - Solo hard or ranked (15):
Blaze your opponent with the flaming gas pump.

Lights - Solo hard or ranked 15):
Utilize the light wall at the club until it's lights out.

Joy Rider - Solo hard or ranked (15):
Conclude the battle with the lowriding impact at the block.

Heads Up - Solo hard or ranked (15):
Beat your foe out with the swinging light rig.

Going Down - Solo hard or ranked (15):
Toss your foe into the elevator shaft in Troy's

Reversals (50):
Acquire solo "beatings with bass" match using only reversals on hard.

Smack Down - Solo hard or ranked (15):
Utilize the helicopter tail whip as your concluding move.

Hot (15):
Acquire 5 online fights in a row

Mode On (20):
Received when you acquire 50 online wins.

Opportunity - Solo hard or ranked (15):
Toss your foe out of the window at the penthouse.

Don't Touch - Solo hard or ranked (25):
Let one of the dancers beat your foe.

Mixtape (25):
Bump your Def Jam Icon saved playlist in "my soundtrack".

Icon (25):
Acquire the maximum amount of style in "build a label".

Dominator (25):
Get your taunt tag appear on your defeated opponent's screen.

Cassanova (35):
Get 4 satisfied girlfriends the same time in "build a label" mode.

Acquire a victory in a ranked match with 50 total taunts.

Beat Down (50):
Acquire a victory 15 times in a row in online fights.

Directional Attacks (50):
Get a solo "beatings with bass" match using only directional attacks on hard.

Rolling (50):
Received when achieved 100 online wins.

BMF (100):
Finish "build a label" mode on the hardest difficulty.

Bastard (100):
Received when you acquire 200 online wins.

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