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Unlockable List Of Zombie Bashing Crap In The Air Vents:
For all unlockables, you need to earn an ending. If Frank dies, you fail to earn a required ending, or you choose to start a new game after meeting the requirements, you do not unlock the reward.

Ammo Belt (costume):
Do not miss with a machinegun. If you miss, start with a new (150 round) machinegun.

Arthur's Boxers (costume):
Survive for at least 7 days in Infinity Mode.

Hockey Mask (costume):
Photograph all PP Stickers.

Real Laser Sword (weapon):
Survive for at least 5 days in Infinity Mode.

Mall Uniform:
Answer all calls from Otis.

Mega Man Boots:
Get the best ending without being knocked out (you can load a game if Frank is captured or killed). You get this achievement by finishing Overtime mode not 72 hour mode.

Mega Man Clothes:
Defeat at least 10 psychopaths.

Prisoner Garb:
Steal the convicts' jeep.

Pro Wrestling Boots:
Break 100 items (this means use until it disappears, not throwing them)

Pro Wrestling Briefs:
Defeat 1000 zombies without any weapons. Most skills are considered bare-handed. Not all melee attacks count! Big swing, hammer throw and lift up don't count! The moves where you use a zombie to kill a zombie are not considerd bare handed moves.

Real Mega Buster:
Defeat at least 53,594 zombies in one session.

Special Forces Boots:
Defeat at least 15 psychopaths (or 10 special forces soldiers).

Special Forces Uniform:
Destroy the Special forces helicopter (Mega Buster or Machinegun is best).

White Hat:
Photograph at least 50 (living) survivors.

Unlockable: Infinity Mode
You must obtain the "true ending."

Unlockable: White Hat
You must achieve Census Taker.

Unlockable: Ammo Belt
You must achieve Perfect Gunner.

Unlockable: Overtime Mode
You must complete the first 72 hours of Frank's stay in the mall and then return to the helipad by noon on the 22nd

Unlockable: Cop Hat
You must achieve Saint.

Unlockable: Infinite Molotov Cocktail
You must utilize fire Extinguisher to save Paul, then bring him to the security room.

Hint: Katana
As soon as you begin the demo take the first staircase to your right and walk up.

At the second store/shop on your left (it is a resturant/food court) enter the shop and jump behind the counter and walk to the juice section (you'll see it, mmmmm O.J.) after you replentish your health,walk to the right of the juice section and jump off-trust me.

You will land on an orange canopy and yeehaw you'll find the Katana that will slice and dice the hoards of zombies in your path. All though the katana does not last long, it is freakin sweet watching the zombies be cut into bloody pieces!

Note katanas are also infinite from stalls N116 and E205.

Hint: Bester Fester Beginning
Replay the first few portions of the game first -- save the couple and photograph them hugging for moola points. Kill a few zombies and then die around the parking lot area. When you "save and exit to title", you keep your character's development (and PP values) for the next attempt at the game. You can power up significantly to muscle through the later areas of the game!

Hint: Samurai Onechambara Zombie Action!
Screw the firearms. This is not Resident Evil! Stick with the samurai sword if you want to whack bosses. Deliver a few hits and your bullets can be saved for times when you need to attack at range to get to vital food and health items. Note that this becomes valid only with some bosses (not all).

Hint - Jeep Inmates Tactics
Head to the North Mall across the park. Inside hunt around the shops that are under construction for the nail guns. You shouldn't need more than two. Go back out to the park the way you came in and the cutscene will play. Head to the trees near the Food Court and wait for the jeep to try and make a go for you.

If you stay in the tree area, the jeep should smack repeatedly into the trees, freeing up a major opportunity to nail gun the inmate on the machine gun from a safe distance.

Once he is down, nail gun the passenger, then finally the driver. Once all three are dead you can go examine the .50 Cal machine gun and dismount it. It holds about 200 rds and is extremely powerful (I used it to kill Carlito in one small burst). It is also extremely acurate (you can lightly squeeze the trigger quickly for single shot). One of the best weapons in the game!

Hint - Carlito Tactics
In order to beat Carlito, there are two ways I have discovered. Either go into the battle with two pistols, one of which is given to you by Brad and another you can find from a cop, or go into the battle with the sledgehammer or katana. Method one involves running through the Welcome sign and running toward the ice cream parlour, then turn 180 degrees and stand behind the boxes before you go into the seating section. There you can shoot Carlito but he can't hit you. Eventually he will run on top of the food places and you must turn and hide behind the boxes, strafing and shooting him.

Method 2 is to follow the beginning portion of one, except when you get to the boxes, run past them and climb ontop of the boxes that allow you to jump up to where Carlito is. Equip the sledgehammer or katana, then jump up when carlito is shooting at Brad or when he's reloading. Then just smash him, you'll take damage, but his flurry takes down one bar of health, so you should beat him and kill him with one bar of health left.

Hint - Park Inmate Slaughter
Nine times out of ten when your escorting any survivors through the court yard you will have to deal with the extremely annoying and deadly inmates sporting around in there little jeep. Fortunately they are a little rusty on their driving skills and tend to run into walls.But that doesnt stop the inmate with the mount machine gun from unloading on you and your party of survivors.

The easiest way to defeat them is to go to the La Frescna Plaza and grab the Sub Machine Gun hidden in the Fountain. When you step out into the court yard immediately direct your party to run to the corner immediately to your right. then run left. wait for the jeep to run into the wall(because they will try to run you over) And concentrate all of your fire on the inmate firing the machine gun. It should take about 50 rounds and he's dead.

By now the jeep should already be backing up to make another go at you. dodgethe jeep just barely and right when the red "B" icon apears, quickly examine th e machine gun on the back. Now manually aim(with the large machine gun) and make short work of the other two inmates.

Hint - Uzi Locations
There are some reliably constant sources of Uzi's in the game (note -- unless you are doing Case 1.1, thses Uzis do not appear if you have one in stock already):

(1) The fountain in Al Fresca Plaza. Note, having an Uzi in stock will prevent this item from spawning when the Al Fresca map is loaded. It's best to complete the Case files until this area of the map is opened easily (assist Brad, fight Carlito #1 on day one).

(2) In Paradise Plaza, head up the stairs to level two (the stairs next to P113 Kids Choice Clothing). On the landing mid-way up the stairs, jump and mantle onto the blue store marquee. Follow the wall until you are over P116 (Shoe Kings). The Uzi's placement should be obvious.

(3) In the Food Court, locate F103 (Chris' Fine Foods). There is a signboard that has a cook's cariticature. Mantle onto the dining booth sidings, then mantle again onto the cariticature signboard. The Uzi should be on the top.

(4) The maintenance tunnel warehouse. This is the same room as the maintenance tunnel key. On the map, this room is underneath Leisure Park, and may be considered "just south east" of stall W107.

Hint - Drop No Damage
At level 25 (or so), Frank earns the knee drop (JUMP then JOYDOWN + BLUE). This move is useful in beating down enemies regardless if they are standing or lying down, but you can also do this move to avoid falling damage from heights.
Hint - Clown O'Path
The best way to beat that evil clown boss near the roller coaster is as follows:

1) Go get about 4 pistols from the fat zombie guards in that area of the mall. A container of OJ is good to have as well.

2) When the fight starts, run back down the stairs to the upper level and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE from him. He will start to blow up balloons of gas when you're far away.

3) Shoot him as he is blowing one up. The clown will drop the balloon. Shoot it while it's near him. He'll start coughing. Shoot away.

4) Repeat until he's dead. Watch out for zombies while you're fighting him, and NEVER try to melee him. After beating this boss, he'll leave a small chainsaw behind after he's dead. Pick it up before you switch off the coaster, because after the cutscene you'll find another at his body!

5) Final note, the hostage you save should be saved if you want to get the best ending. This hostage unlocks a "warp" between the Wonderland and Paradise bathrooms, letting you quickly move from one side of the mall to the next.

Hint: Frank Would Like To Eat Your Face
Frying pans are not used for cooking. Rather, you simply equip one and use it on a stove action point. Once the pan is visibly red, Frank can use a strong attack with the heated frying pan (hold BLUE) and melt the face off a zombie for a bonus 100 PP.

Hint - .50 Cal Respawn
Unverified. Ok, after you beat the three convicts in the jeep, you can re-spawn the jeep's gun by driving to another map (the maintenance tunnel map). When you load a new map, you reset the gun. However, you do not reset the damage done to the jeep, so dont hit too many zombies. You can have fun with the gun by driving back and fourth between the parking lot and the tunnels for Zombie Genocider.

Hint - Easy 100% Machinegun Accuracy
Unverified. Very simple. Get a special forces machine gun, then go to the Butcher's room (meat processing under Seon's grocery) and unload 150 shots on one piece of hanging meat. You will get Perfect Gunner unlocked!

Hint - Toy-Chainsaw ... Times 27
The clown's mini-chainsaw supposedly exists in three categories of items -- blades, construction, and toy. Luckily, there are three books that triple toughness of those item classes. Taken together, the small chainsaw becomes a very tough weapon (almost unbreakable). The books you want are in P101 (toy magazine), P108 (engineering book), and W204 (criminology book). Although you need to have four slots to make this weapon work, Frank will have a nearly unbreakable melee weapon for any mode.

Hint - Food Court Carlito
I found a simple and easy tactic to stop Carlito's reign of fire on the Food Court in the Case 'Backup for Brad'. First get a Stun Gun ready! Get behind the Wild West set up where Carlito is covering. Climb up the boxes to his level and take cover behind the corner of the fake building where he stands. He will relise your location quikly so have the stun gun ready. As he rounds the corner to shoot get him with the stun gun! This will stop him and deplete his health completly without a strong resistance!

Occasionally, a stun gun is created from destroying cardboard boxes. You can destroy them if you have the roundhouse (and sweep) kick, or the knee drop (level 25).

Hint - Grocery Clerk
Obtain a sword (not a katana) from the Cutlery Store (it's next to grocery store). You need to break the glass to access the action point. When the grocery psychopath comes at you with the cart, jump up on top of a shelf. Jump and press BLUE as you fly through the air. Because Frank is using the sword and not the katana, he will do a downward thrust with the sword instead of a kick. Swing a couple more times and jump back up. Repeat as needed and the boss will be dead in no time.

Hint - Easy PP Task (Hangers)
For some quick and easy PP early on, find any of the circular clothes racks in the mall (there is one in the Shooting Star Sporting Goods on the second floor in Entrance Plaza -- stall E207). Take any weapon (i.e., a hockey stick) and nick the side of the clothes rack to send it spinning, then hit it the other way. Both clockwise and counterclockwise yield some quick and easy PPs!

Hint - Easy Karate Achievement
Go to the maintenance tunnels and make sure you have the Double Lariat skill (L3 + BLUE while Frank is motionless). Go into any big group of zombies and use this skill. The best place to do this is the area where Carlito's (usable) white truck is (it's the northwest corner of the tunnel area). Once you kill all the zombies in that area go into the butcher room and go back out and all the zombies will be back. It will take about then (real time) minutes to get the achievement. If you run low on life, you can always use the white van to head to an exit and come back later.

Hint - PP Exploit (Special Forces In Warehouse)
If you are back at your base early waiting for the helicopter there's a nice easy way to level up. Make sure to have some guns with you, make your way up to the top of the warehouse and you can shoot down all the federal agents patrolling below without them shooting you. Each guy is worth 5000 PP. Whenever you run out of ammo (or guys to shoot), just jump down and grab some of the machine guns they leave behind, take the elevator back up and do it again to a fresh batch of unsuspecting AI.

Hint - Ending Requirements
These are the requirments needed in 72 hour mode to unlock different endings. The farther down the alphabet an ending is, the worst ending you have (i.e., 'F' would be the worst and 'A' would be the best).

Ending A ... Solve all cases. Talk to Isabella at 10 AM and return to the heliport at 12 noon on Sept. 22nd.

Ending B ... Don't solve all cases but be at the heliport on time.

Ending C ... Solve all cases but do not talk to Isabella at 10 AM on the last day.

Ending D ... Remain a prisoner of the Special Forces by 12 noon on Sept. 22nd.

Ending E ... Don't be at the heliport and don't solve all cases.

Ending F ... Do not collect all of Carlito's bombs during case 7-2. You do have to successfully complete all the cases up to this point.
Submitted by C. Ellington
Hint - Chopper Smashing
Having trouble taking aim at the chopper while zombies are constantly harrassing you? Try doing the Zombie Ride to jump on top of the shelter in the park. That way, the zombies can't bite you. When you are up there, there is also some glitch where the helicopter is unable to shoot you very well. I think it's because the chopper aims at Frank as if he was standing on the ground.

I was only shot maybe twice while on top of the shelter. Take your machinegun or the Real Mega Buster and aim toward the helicopter when it is about to come straight at you. Once it starts its approach, turn around 180 degrees, aim straight up toward the sky and start shooting your weapon. You should be able to hit the rotor within a couple tries. You really only need to land one good shot, so if you use this technique, all you have to do is line your shots up right and you will hit the chopper as it passes over you. Just aim straight for the center when it starts coming towards you, then quickly turn around 180 degrees, (hold down to turn around completely) then aim for the sky and start shooting.

Unlockable Mega Buster
Unlike other useless achievements, The Zombie Genocider achievement (kill 53'594 zombies) unlocks Rockman's Mega Buster in the security office. Once this achievement is accomplised, let your current mode run down (72 Hour Mode is best). Once the credits roll, the unlockable will appear and you can save it to your gamertag profile. Frank can stock the weapon, but can only carry one at a time.�

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