Condemned 2: Bloodshot Xbox 360 Cheats

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Get all bonus artwork:
Input "ShovelFighter" as a profile name.

Get SUnlock Silver brass knuckles:
Finish Mission 1.

Get Silver bullet proof vest:
Finish Mission 2.

Get Gold taser 5 shots:
Finish Mission 3.

Get Holster:
Finish Mission 4

Get Rubber soles:
Finish Mission 5

Xbox LIVE Gamescore points:

Tokyo (30 points):
Tune in all the TVs.

Trooper (30 points):
Finish the single-player game.

Plumber (25 points):
Locate a pipe and use it.

Final Word (10 points):
Never forget your first time.

Survivor Master (30 points):
Rush Survivor many times.

Detective (10 points):
Be a flawless sleuth.

SKX (50 points):
Destroy the killers.

Sidekick (10 points):
Help in scanning evidence in Crime Scene mode.

Serial Killer (50 points):
Kill in MP.

Self Medication (25 points):
Heal yourself.

Rush Pro. (25 points):
Take SCU out with the trash 5 times.

Restraint (30 points):
Prevail in Crime Scene games as SCU without firing.

Punch Drunk (10 points):
MP - Duke of Queensbury Rules Only.

MP Overachiever (50 points):
Prevail in a Deathmatch game with 15 kills without dying.

Master Investigator (30 points):
Flawless as a sleuth all the way.

Magellan (25 points):
Check all maps more than once.

The Facts (25 points):
MP Crime Scene Goodness.

Investigator (25 points):
Beat them at their game.

GOAL (10 points):
Manipulate the foosball table piece to your advantage.

Gold Plate (50 points):
Get gold on all missions.

Flame (25 points):
Splash, Shock and Flame.

Environmental Pwnage Area (25 points):
Grab your foes by the neck.

Detective (30 points):
Go through a mission in FPS.

Detective - 1st Grade (50 points):

Fire your way through it all in FPS.

Defender (25 points):
MP Defense tenfold on the evidence.

Decisive Restraint (25 points):
A virtue, Restraint.

Cut Throat (30 points):
Finish it.

Collection (10 points):
Scan the MP goodies once, twice, three times, et al.

Chief Investigator (50 points):
Finish all missions in Hard mode.

Chain Gang (30 points):
Use all chain attacks several times.

Can You Hear Me? (30 points):
Emitter Removal Service.

Bum King (30 points):
No guns.

Bricks (10 points):
MP - Block it.

Bloodshot (25 points):
Acquire all Bloodshot Fight Clubs.

Big Game Hunter (10 points):
Get personal with the antler.

Beat Cop (10 points):
Make it through a mission.

Anger Management (10 points):
Turn emotional.

A La Mode (25 points):
5 scoops of all flavors.

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