Cloning Clyde Xbox 360 Cheats

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Unlockable: Mutant-Clyde
Beat the game.

Unlockable: Chicken Gamerpic
Finish the training levels.

Game Score Points:

D.N.Ain't (16):
Change into Mutant Clyde.

Foolish (20):
Get 75 clones through the ventilation shafts.

King Clyde (20):
Complete all of Super Challenge.

Dupliclone (18):
Complete 1 to 24 & 10 Challenge under the goal time.

Battle Addiction (12):
Do the Versus mode.

Poultry (12):
Change into Chicken Clyde.

Killer Kudos (25):
Acquire 100 cloned Killer Kenn Action Figures.

Amphibian (10):
Change into Frog Clyde.

Bad (8):
Change into Sheep Clyde.

Kenn Collection (15):
Acquire 50 cloned Killer Kenn Action Figures.

Ancestorial (14):
Change into ton Ape Clyde

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