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Hint - Unlockables By Rank:
Get an A rank on any offline story mission for an unlockable part. Get an S Rank in any offline story mission for either more parts or the S rank award. Note that a Hound that mixes RTs (soldier-sniper-defender) is better suited for early missions while a commander-heavy gunner is better for some other missions.

Hint - Leg Up Training:
You can quit story mode anytime. Participate in each story's tutorial to get a feel for each Role Type (or RT). If you do well, you also unlock the basic parts (bodies, legs, generators, and support) for those RTs as well so can start designing your own Hound.

Game Score Points:

Hexagon of Gold (20):
Average the top seasonal fame at end.

Gold Wing (20):
Avg top total fame.

Golden Cross (20):
Top in seasonal fame at the conclusion.

Golden Sword Cross (20):
Top in total conquest points for period.

Capital Occupation (20):
Affiliated nation demolishes another

Neroimus Medal (40):
Affiliated nation prevails in Neroimus War.

Storming Award (20):
Hit foe first 30 times.

Command Valor (20):
Maxed out your Commander experience level.

Defense Valor (20):
Maxed out your Defender experience level.

Golden Eagle (20):
Top total fame for a given period.

Biped Specialist (20):
Release on bipedal Chassis 50 times

Hover Pro. (20):
Release on hover Chassis 50 times

Golden Lion (20):
Top seasonal conquest� points at the conclusion.

Inverse Specialist (20):
Release on inverse Chassis 50 times

Multi Spec. (20):
Release on multi Chassis 50 times

Tread Spec. (20):
Release on treaded Chassis 50 times

Wheel Pro. (20):
Release on wheeled Chassis 50 times.

Bronze Wing (20):
Slay 50 or more foes HOUNDs.

Bronze Hammer (20):
Beat enemy HQ and win 50 times

Silver Wing (20):
Slay a total of 100 enemy HOUNDs

All Tact. (20):
Complete all missions in Story Mode.

Silver Hammer (20):
Beat enemy HQ and win 100 times

Command Finished (20):
Complete Commander arc in Story Mode.

Defense Finished (20):
Complete Defender arc in Story Mode.

Scout Finished (20):
Complete Scout arc in Story Mode.

Sniper Finished (20):
Complete Sniper arc in Story Mode.

Soldier Finished (20):
Complete Soldier arc in Story Mode.

Gunner Valor (20):
Maxed out H. Gunner experience level.

Gunner Finished (20):
Complete H. Gunner arc in Story Mode.

Survival Medal (20):
Stay alive 10 times or more in a row.

Scout Valor (20):
Maxed out your Scout experience level.

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