Championship Manager 2007 Xbox 360 Cheats

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Gamerscore Points:

Continental Cup - 25:
Acquire a continental cup.

Streak - 25:
Maintain a winning streak of 10 games.

Set-piece Pro. - 10:
Acquire 5 custom set-pieces and have used them in a match to score a goal.

Win a match - 5:
Have your team win their first competitive match.

Apogee Seller - 20:
Sell 100 players via the transfer system.

Pinnacle Negotiator - 10:
Sign up a player for half of their current valuation.

Top Buyer - 15:
Buy 100 players via the transfer system.

Player Scores - 5:
Sign you scores on his debut.

Player of the Season - 10:
Given when your player is voted player of the season.

Player of the Month - 5:
Given when your player is voted player of the month.

Extended Streak - 40:
Prevail in your last 20 games.

Challenges - 60:
Complete a scenario from each challenge set.

Manager of the Season - 20:
Acquire the manager of the season award.

Huge Spender - 15:
Give 100 million on transfer fees.

Manager of the Month - 10:
Acquire the manager of the month award.

Cash Cow - 25:
Acquire 100 million through transfer fees.

League Champs - 20:
Prevail in the league.

Hat Trick - 5:
Someone did a hat trick.

Hall of Fame - 50:
Get into the Hall of Fame.

Giant Slayer - 20:
Do a cup shock.

Domestic Treble - 50:
Prevail in 3 domestic trophies in a single season.

Contract Negotiation - 5:
Make your first managerial contract extension.

Finished a Set of Challenges - 50:
Complete a challenge with all teams.

Finishing a Challenge - 30:
Complete your first challenge game.

Dedicated Manager - 25:
Maintain employment at your current club for 10 years.

Comeback - 5:
Prevail in a match after being two goals down.

Big Score - 75:
Acquire 1 million manager points.

Big Earner - 50:
Acquire more than 1 million during your managerial career.������

Battle Mode - 10:
Prevail in a battle mode match.

Legend - 60:
Prevail in 50 battle mode games.

Battle Mode Pro. - 25:
Prevail in 10 games in a row.

Domestic Double - 40:
Prevail in domestic trophies in a single season.

5 Seasons Finished - 15:
Complete 5 seasons as a manager.

3 Seasons Finished - 15:
Complete 3 seasons as a manager.

20 Seasons Finished - 60:
Complete the full 20 seasons as a manager.

15 Seasons Finished - 30:
Complete 15 seasons as a manager.

10 Seasons Finished - 20:
Complete 10 seasons as a manager. �

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