Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Xbox 360 Cheats

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Other Characters Unlockable:
Complete the game as Alucard with at least 180% and have a obtain a clear save.

Alucard with Axelord Armor Unlockable:
Input the name AXEARMOR.

Gamerscore Points:

Rampage - 5:
Defeat 10 foes in a row by using the standard weapons without
taking a hit.

Demon Killer - 10:
Defeat Gaibon and Slorga.

Changeling - 10:
Acquire the Bat, Wolf and Mist transformations.

Bloodlines - 10:
Dfeat Dracula in the Bloodlines level without taking a hit.

Weapon Pro. - 10:
Defeat 10 foes in a row by using the special weapons without taking
a damage.

Familiar - 10:
Acquire all five familiars in the game.

Warlock - 15:
Do all eight of Alucard's spells.

Topsy Turvy - 20:
Get the Inverted Castle.

Bags of Money - 25:
Acquire a bank of 0,000.

Apprentice - 5:
Defeat 10 foes in a row using only magic without taking a damage.

Seeker - 35:
Get to 200.6% of the game.

Belmont's Vengeance - 45:
Complete the game.

Acquire Richter:
Finish the game with Alucard with at least 180% of the game finished; next, begin a new game in a new slot, with "RICHTER" as your character´┐Żs name.

Improved Statistics:
If you defeat Dracula in a short time and without taking any damage, you will start the game with Alucard having improved statistics, including a minor boost of five hit points.

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