Castle Crashers Xbox 360 Cheats

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Get Insane Mode:
Finish the game.

Get Commoner:
Pass game with peasant knight.

Get Thief:
Pass Thieve's Arena.

Get Barbarian:
Pass King's Arena.

Get Black Knight:
Pass the Game with Grey Knight.

Get Grey Knight:
Pass the Barbarian Boss.

Get Beekeeper:
Finish the game with The Barbarian.

Get Ninja:
Pass the game with The Red Dragon Knight.

Get Brute:
Finish the game with The Eskimo.

Get Bear:
Finish the game with Skeleton.

Get Skeleton:
Finish the game as Red Knight.

Get Royal Guard:
Finish the game as Green Knight.

Get Eskimo:
Finish Icy Arena offline.

Get Alien Hominid:
Have the full game of Alien Hominid HD on your Xbox 360 hard drive and get at least one achievement in it.

Get Red Dragon Knight:
Pass Game With Orange Knight.

Get Fencer:
Pass the game with Mechanic.

Get Mechanic (Gear Knight):
Pass the game with Blue Knight.

Get Peasant:
Finish the "Peasant Arena".

Get Periwinkle Knight:
Finish the "Volcano Arena".

Get Civilian:
Finish the game with Peasant.

Get Forest Knight:
Finish the game with the Thief.

Get Saracen:
Finish the game with Royal Guard.

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