Bullet Witch Xbox 360 Cheats

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Stage 1 Cleared (10) - Beat stage 1 in any difficulty.
Stage 2 Cleared (10) - Beat stage 2 in any difficulty.
Stage 3 Cleared (10) - Beat stage 3 in any difficulty.
Stage 4 Cleared (10) - Beat stage 4 in any difficulty.
Stage 5 Cleared (10) - Beat stage 5 in any difficulty.
Stage 6 Cleared (10) - Beat stage 6 in any difficulty.
Easy Difficulty Mode Cleared (50) - Beat all stages in easy mode.
Normal Difficulty Mode Cleared (100) - Beat all stages in normal mode.
Hard Difficulty Mode Cleared (150) - Beat all stages in hard mode.
HELL Difficulty Mode Cleared (1) - All stages were beat in HELL mode.
Total Play Time of 15 Hours (99) - Game was played for over 15 hours.
CHAOS Difficulty Mode Cleared (250) - Complete all the stages in Chaos mode.
All Stages Cleared (140) - Complete all the stages.
Full Power-Up Completed (150) - Collect all the in-game power-up elements.

Hell Mode Unlockable:
Finish both Chaos and Hard Mode.

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